Experience observability at the Checkmk Conference #8

Following two years as a purely virtual event, this year's Checkmk Conference #8 will again be held as a physical event at the Paulaner am Nockherberg in Munich, Germany. A total of over 800 participants have already registered for the event.

MUNICH, Germany, May 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- tribe29, the company behind the Checkmk IT monitoring solution, opened their Checkmk Conference #8 today. Over the next three days, the Checkmk community will exchange experiences on innovations, trends and further developments in IT monitoring. In addition to the more 300 members of the Checkmk community on site, more than 500 further participants are planning to follow the event’s activities online via a livestream.

Various presentations will demonstrate the impressive new features in Checkmk 2.1. Although tribe29 will not officially release the new version until a few days from now, participants at the conference will be able to have a preview of the extensive new features and improvements of the new full version.

New features include the completely revamped Kubernetes monitoring, as well as a number of measures designed to accelerate the performance of monitoring with Checkmk. For example, the host configuration files have a new format that allows changes in monitoring to be activated more quickly, especially in large IT infrastructures. In his presentation, Lars Michelsen, Head of Development at tribe29, will illustrate how Checkmk 2.1 implements frequently used workflows three times faster thanks to these improvements.

"At the Checkmk Conference #8 we show how Checkmk can monitor more systems with less effort. We are well aware that IT monitoring has to shoulder not only current but also upcoming challenges. That's why it's especially important to us that you can monitor new key technologies such as Kubernetes and deliver important information within minutes," said Jan Justus, CEO of tribe29.

With version 2.1 tribe29 is also further expanding Checkmk's integration capabilities. In his presentation, Marcel Arentz from tribe29 shows how Checkmk works together with other best-of-breed solutions as a monitoring engine of an observability ecosystem. Through APIs, Checkmk is able to not only export collected monitoring data into tools such as Grafana, but also import information from other monitoring solutions such as DataDog. This bidirectional integration capability enables organizations to gain detailed insights into the internal states of all of their systems within a short period of time, even in complex IT.

More details can be found on the Checkmk Conference #8 website: https://checkmk.com/conference. You can also follow the event live on Twitter under the hashtag #CMKConf8.

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tribe29 helps to run IT infrastructures and applications in any organization at peak performance. That’s why we built Checkmk, the monitoring engine for each aspect of modern IT environments.

Checkmk is the engine of your open observability ecosystem. It combines enterprise-grade scalability and security with the extensibility of open source software. It integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications and provides powerful features to automate monitoring workflows.

Tens of thousands of users in more than 50 countries rely on Checkmk to ensure high availability and best performance of their systems. With Checkmk, organizations prevent issues before they happen or trigger fast remediation actions when failures occur.

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