Mvix Audio Announcements Module Extends the Power of Digital Signage Beyond Visual Communications

The new Audio Announcement feature is based on a deep machine-learning algorithm delivering innovative communication solutions for emergency alerts, campus announcements, in-store promotions, staff communication, and more.

STERLING, Va., May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mvix, the leading provider of Pro-AV enterprise solutions, continues its mission to amplify digital signage systems with the release of the Audio Announcements on its cloud-based software, Mvix CMS. This user-friendly module converts text to news-narration speech in a human voice-like announcement.

As an innovative industry leader since 2005, Mvix continuously focuses on next-level digital signage solutions to deliver to its clients. While digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays, communication through audio is swift, efficient, and impactful; especially in cases of announcing limited-time promotions and deals, sharing real-time information, or broadcasting emergency warnings. Audio Announcements provide time-sensitive information to the audience and update quickly simply by text, which will then play as audio on digital signage screens and audio systems.

"Mvix's Audio Announcements is the industry's first expansion in the realm of user-generated audio alerts and messaging," said Mike Kilian, Executive Vice President at Mvix. "When combined with effective visual messaging, this app delivers unprecedented communications results."

Mvix CMS also features 40+ language and voice options and is compatible with Mvix media players, BrightSign players, Android-OS players, and Raspberry Pi. By combining dynamic content and attention-grabbing audio, clients can disseminate product information to boost sales, important announcements to inform students and employees, procedural information for waiting customers, and critical warnings for the preservation of life and property.

Some sample use cases for this content app include:

  • Retail Stores: In-store Promotions and Advertising, Welcome Messages, Important Business Updates, Emergency Alerts 
  • Corporate Communications: Welcome Messages, Meeting Room Management, Production and Metric Announcements, Emergency Alerts, Interactive Signage
  • Educational Institutions: School Announcements, Emergency Audio Alerts, Cafeteria Specials, Classroom Learning Tool
  • Sports Arenas: Game Updates, Menu Specials, Promotional Deals, Emergency Alerts,  Advertising, Contest Announcements
  • Healthcare Facilities: Waiting Times, Patient Communication, Emergency Audio Alerts, Employee and Room Schedules 
  • Government Institutions: Emergency Alerts, Court Dockets, Upcoming Events or Initiatives

"Audio Announcements can be leveraged in most physical environments to promote messaging," said Kilian. "Mvix is bridging the audio/visual gap to deliver holistically, impactful messaging, remotely manageable for maximum ROI."

Audio Announcement is now available for new and existing premium content clients on Mvix CMS v3. Additional premium content apps include Power BI, CAP Alerts, and Live Video Input. To learn more about Mvix's premium content apps, contact a Solutions Consultant at 866.310.4923.

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