Kinsella Weitzman Attorney Shawn Holley Issues Statement Regarding Legion Partners’ Press Release

LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shawn Holley issues a response to Legion Partners’ press release about the reelection of Paul Marciano to the Board of Guess. A press release from Legion Partners Asset Management is eerily similar to the methods used by former Harvey Weinstein lawyer Lisa Bloom who was sued last week for extortion.

Last month, Guess shareholders delivered a decisive rebuke of Legion Partners by voting to reelect Guess co-founder Paul Marciano to the Board of Guess. “Those shareholders rejected Legion Partners’ campaign, built on misstatements, that tried to block Mr. Marciano’s reelection,” according to Marciano’s attorney Shawn Holley.

“Rather than acknowledge the false and misleading nature of their campaign against Mr. Marciano, Legion Partners opted to double down on their failed strategy by issuing a press release recycling claims which Legion Partners knows are false. As detailed in a Cease and Desist letter to Lisa Bloom, Legion Partners referred to a 1994 complaint against Paul Marciano, but failed to include the fact that the complaint had been dismissed with prejudice and was accompanied by an apology by the plaintiff,” said Holley.

As Legion Partners notes in their press release, Ms. Bloom has been sued by Mr. Marciano in civil court for extortion, and the details of that complaint are found here

“Legion Partners’ press release ignores the clear message of my letter: that is, that the information included on their website—as part of their failed campaign against Mr. Marciano—is false, misleading and defamatory,” said Holley.

Legion Partners is acting out after being rejected by Guess shareholders. Their actions are yet another attempt to harass, intimidate and silence Mr. Marciano. 

According to Holley, Paul Marciano has been the subject of an elaborate shakedown by attorney Lisa Bloom and a campaign of deception by Legion Partners. Both have a pattern of targeting individuals and public companies by using press releases. “This well-worn scheme by Bloom and Legion attempts to have individuals, desperate to protect their reputations even when they know the claims being made against them are untrue, agree to their demands for fear of damage to their reputations,” concluded Holley.

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Eric Rose