Deer Hunting Marketplace, Land dot Lease Launches in World First

Land dot Lease offers hunting land for lease by owner.

USA, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deer management challenges landowners while hunters struggle to source hunting grounds. Indeed, many farmers may not even be aware that their hunting rights are a valuable product. Land dot Lease is the first internet marketplace designed to trade hunting leases—a place where landowners can sell permission to hunt on their properties. 

Land dot Lease caters to rural landowners who wish to market their hunting opportunities directly to hunters. This service is ideal for anyone who owns land that boasts an abundance of deer. Hunting leases offer farm and forest owners the opportunity to earn additional income from conservation. 

Land stewards understand that unmanaged deer populations cause untold damage. Land dot Lease contends that the best solution to the deer problem is to bring hunters and landowners together for mutual benefit. As with any marketplace, farmers and foresters supply the hunting ground while the hunter provides the demand.

Hunting rights leasing represents an untapped revenue stream for farmers. With the looming crisis in the farming sector, this supplemental agricultural income may come as a welcome surprise. Deer leases are lucrative because hunters are happy to pay for access. Listing is free for landowners. 

Land dot Lease is the first venture to employ the technology of online marketplaces to facilitate the sale of hunting leases. Leases can be sold by auction or for a fixed price. Hunters just point, click & pay. Upon purchase, landowners receive the funds directly and immediately. All leases sold offer exclusive access.

Thorough protection of the landowner is essential for a hunting lease. The Land dot Lease Terms of Service protect the farm and farmers' interests. Conspicuously written, they hold the landowner harmless against legal actions from visiting the farm. Hunters must carry insurance to validate their leases.

Where hunting culture thrives, demand for hunting leases consistently outstrips supply. The scarcity of hunting grounds ensures this. Land dot Lease understands that farmers may not know how to lease hunting property or how to market their hunting opportunities. Land dot Lease solves these problems by offering hunting leases directly to the consumer.

With Land dot Lease, marketing hunting opportunities have never been easier. 

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