Solar Simplified Announces New Solar Farm in Portland, NY, Extending Renewable Energy Access to the Region

Solar Simplified, in collaboration with Abundant, is bringing its Community Solar program to Chautauqua County.

CHICAGO, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The announcement continues a trend of New Yorkers seeking, and receiving, more sustainable and cost-effective energy sources as utility prices surge.

Eligible enrollees across Western New York will be matched with the Portland solar farm, and will receive credits (savings) directly on their monthly utility bills to reflect solar power generated on their behalf. For instance, Solar Simplified customers in Lancaster, NY saved over $75,000 in 2021.

Residents and businesses in National Grid territory—which includes the Town of Portland—face substantial, locked-in price increases for energy over the next three years. Enrolling in Solar Simplified's Community Solar program offers a welcomed chance to mitigate those price hikes, with solar energy credits reducing enrollees' monthly utility bills.

To ensure that the most in-need customer segments of Upstate New York have the opportunity to enroll, Solar Simplified is reserving a minimum of 20% of its Portland farm's capacity for Low-and-Moderate-Income (LMI) households. These customers, more than most, feel the pain of rising energy prices.

"We're eager to provide tangible help to New Yorkers who want to see their monthly utility bills shrink," said Aviv Shalgi, Co-Founder and CEO of Solar Simplified. "Anyone connected to National Grid New York will be able to harness the power of Community Solar, which means powering their lives without facing unreasonable costs. With our solar farm in Portland, we continue to introduce more New Yorkers to the merits of Community Solar." 

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has touted the need for innovative solutions to rising energy bills in the state. With its announcement of the Portland solar farm, Solar Simplified, in collaboration with Abundant, has put forth one more option for those in the farm's vicinity. While Solar Simplified oversees all client-facing operations, Abundant handles the technological side of the solar farm.

Richard Lu, President & CEO of Abundant Energy Solutions, explained how the collaboration between Abundant and Solar Simplified is a natural fit: "We have developed a great partnership with Solar Simplified and their dedication to succeeding at customer acquisition and retention has made our Community Solar development pipeline incredibly efficient," Lu explained. "We are confident in their ability to scale quickly as we continue to expand in New York."

Residents, businesses and municipalities interested in learning more about Solar Simplified and Community Solar can contact Solar Simplified at (888) 420-9831 or for details and enrollment information.

About Solar Simplified 

Solar Simplified is a Community Solar platform that seamlessly matches homeowners, renters, and businesses with local solar farms. With no annual membership or enrollment fees, upfront costs, or lengthy contracts, Solar Simplified makes connecting to renewable solar energy simple and transparent. In turn, participants help support locally-produced clean energy and save money on their energy bills.

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