Emanuel Estrada’s New Venture Salvatyon Spreads God’s Word Through Custom T-Shirts

Salvatyon is an ecommerce store that deals into custom apparel and motto to spread love of God and salvation.

Deming, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- God’s word says the banner of Emanuel Estrada’s latest venture Salvatyon, an online store dedicated to selling customer T-Shirts and hoodies with Psalms, Isaiah messages, and themes like faith. The business aims to spread the love of God and salvation to others through doorstep delivery of customized T-shirts with unique designs.

Salvatyon.com is an e-commerce brand that creates custom T-Shirts and hoodies featuring bible texts. Customers can select their choice of bible text, displayed at the back of the design of their choice. The T-Shirts are a perfect option for those wanting to share faith and spread the message of God’s wisdom. With every T-shirt sold, the brand also donates a part of the profits to help those in need. It also aids ministers, ultimately delivering the message - "pray and lead those to Christ and share the good news of salvation."

What is special about Salavtyon T-Shirts?

The merchandise can be customized on both sides. Customers can put a name or slogan of choice on the front and a custom bible verse on the back. The 100% customizable apparel utilizes 100% soft cotton, pre-shrunk to minimize shrinking after purchase and its first wash. The true-to-size merchandise is suitable for all and is available in sizes ranging from XS to 4XL.

In addition, all products are sourced from different parts of the United States with printing done in the company’s U.S. warehouse, the company helps keep jobs in the U.S.

With its unique offerings, Salavtyon’s goal is to develop a community around the brand while purchasing the merchandise and sharing its mission. The founder did not wish to start a charity and ask for a donation. He wanted to work on creating a foundation offering valuable quality merch that people will love and share and generate funds.

About Emanuel Estrada, Founder of Salvatyon

This unique brand is the brainchild of Emanuel Estrada, famously known as Manny Owner of Manny the Marketer LLC, a New Mexico-based company running and scaling multiple e-commerce brands. Before launching Salvatyon, Emanuel owned an online Shopify brand that scaled to seven figures in less than a year and a half with influencer marketing, Facebook ads, and Tik Tok ads. 

Estrada’s earlier Shopify store offering the Hispanic niche apparel turned into a notable apparel brand with more than 20,000,000 views on the internet. As the brand went viral and developed a trusted customer base, Estrada was approached by a company out of Miami acquiring Shopify stores. As he could not scale this brand faster, he sold his old company to Open Store.

Transitioning from his old business, Estrada started a new venture Salvatyon, with funds acquired from handing over his old company. 

Expressing his passion for starting new ventures, Estrada says, “When I build brands, I build them out of passion. I build the brands the right way. I want the customer and community to love the brand first and see the passion I have.”

The Salvatyon founder explained his business methods for Salvatyon.com. He said, “The reason I chose this style of business is not only will we strive to hit our brand’s goal, but we will also create many new jobs in the local community and around the U.S.A. We hire influencers, videographers, editors, and a variety of web-based work. It’s great all around, we are trying to keep more jobs here in the states.” 

About Salvatyon

Salvatyon.com is a brand revolving around community-oriented offerings and a mission to spread the word of God. In addition, the company does not charge any shipping charges and does not require any minimum order. The merchandise also comes with high-quality prints, ensuring excellent craftsmanship.


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