Conquest VR Announces Corporate Debut at Augmented World Expo USA in Santa Clara

Exhibiting at Booth #11 at AWE USA, Conquest VR is on a Mission to Raise the Bar in Virtual Reality by Delivering a Premium Audio Experience 

ATLANTA, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Conquest VR announces that it will make its corporate debut at Augmented World Expo USA, scheduled for June 1st to 3rd, 2022, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Conquest VR will be exhibiting at Booth #11. Started by VR and audio enthusiasts, co-founders Raghu Bathina (CEO) and Sridhar Prathikanti, MD (President), Conquest VR's mission is to dramatically improve virtual reality (VR) experiences by delivering truly immersive sound.

Existing VR Audio is Not Immersive, Until Now
In the last 10 years, VR headsets have quickly evolved from a niche specialty into a mainstream consumer product. While there have been tremendous improvements in the visual experience, the audio dimension of VR, especially in gaming, has evolved at a much slower pace. Furthermore, certain VR headset manufacturers today have made design decisions that have compromised the audio experience. As a result, today's VR headsets deliver stunning visuals and lackluster audio.

Going forward, the challenge for the VR community is how to use mass-produced VR headsets to deliver truly immersive experiences.

Introducing Conquest VR
With four patents pending, Conquest VR is working to bring to market a solution that delivers a truly immersive audio experience in VR. At AWE USA, Conquest VR will provide early access to its innovative product that the company plans to release mid-summer.

The Conquest VR team has more than 40 years of combined VR experience and is now working to enhance the VR experience through immersive audio for multiple audiences. The company’s products will significantly improve gameplay and competitiveness for VR gaming enthusiasts. Additionally, the products will make VR training and educational experiences much more engaging and impactful.

“Presence in virtual reality is that magical feeling of being transported to a different place and time, to a new virtual world. But to experience true presence, there are several requirements, and one key component is immersive audio, audio that perfectly captures the 3D environment of the virtual world. This includes positional sounds and environmental effects such as Doppler, occlusion, and the impact of materials in the virtual space. Advanced audio spatializers now allow developers to create phenomenally accurate soundscapes. At Conquest VR, we aim to bring those soundscapes to life by delivering compelling and realistic audio output," said Bathina.

Conquest VR Co-Founders
Bathina is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved with VR for several years. He is a co-founder of Future World Studios, which produces VR-based medical applications. Prior to this, he ran and successfully exited a telehealth startup. He co-founded Ramp Networks, a Router company that went public on NASDAQ and was acquired by Nokia in 2001. Bathina also founded XML Firewall Company, QuickTree, which Citrix acquired in 2007. He is also an active investor/mentor for several start-ups. Bathina earned Computer Engineering degrees from Purdue University and the University of Southern California.

Prathikanti is a psychiatrist with direct experience using VR to help war veterans overcome PTSD. He received his MD from the University of Chicago in 2001, and was one of the first psychiatrists trained by world-renowned VR specialist Skip Rizzo in PTSD/TBI desensitization. He worked at the National Institute of Health’s Clinical Brain Disorders Branch and the Office of Technology Transfer. He was also a Health Sciences Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of California.​ He was on the Life Science Angels (LSA) board and is currently an investor in LSA. He co-founded the San Francisco Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (300 strong).

About Conquest VR
Conquest VR is a manufacturer of premium audio solutions for the fast growing VR and AR market. The Conquest VR team has more than 40 years of combined experience in the VR world. The company's vision is to create audio products that amaze and make every virtual experience genuinely immersive. Conquest VR is led by its co-founders Raghu Bathina (CEO) and Sridhar Prathikanti, MD (President) and is privately funded. For more information, visit

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