BluChip NFT Marketplace Launches Its First NFT Auction of a One-of-a-Kind Keith Haring Subway Drawing on the BluChip NFT Auction Site

BluChip Continues to Pioneer the "Swappable" BluChip NFT Marketplace

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BluChip today introduced its unique NFT Auction enabling the purchase of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are tethered to an original fine art Masterwork. With this ability, BluChip NFTs now have actual physical asset value specific to world-class artwork, making our BluChip NFTs more valuable than ever, while elevating the NFT marketplace as an attractive option for serious art collectors, investors and savvy traders. This innovative BluChip NFT Marketplace allows art collectors, cryptocurrency investors, digital asset speculators and others to access valuable NFT assets that can uniquely be swapped for the actual artwork the NFT represents — all via a powerful, immutable Smart Contract on the Solana blockchain.

Auctions for various other BluChip NFTs can be seen "coming soon" at BluChip's website. beginning today - May 23, 2022.

BluChip's unique Smart Contract technology enables bidders to bid on swappable NFTs of original Masterworks by Haring, Warhol, Stik, Traylor, Abercrombie, Banksy, Kline, Mitchel, Bill Traylor and more that only the winning bidder can exchange to own a highly valuable, very sought-after masterwork. With a digital token that ties BluChip's NFTs to the genuine artwork, the NFT can simply be swapped out to receive the actual real-life museum-quality masterwork. 

Here, BluChip NFT is offering at Auction the Keith Haring titled "Cash in Hand". This original rare one-of-a-kind NFT is digitized from the Original Artwork described as Chalk on Black poster-paper used for Subway Advertisements. The redeemable BluChip NFT original artwork, if swapped is: 28 x 17 inches - Framed: 31.25 x 22.25 inches - circa 1980-85 that has a conservative Appraisal by Alex Rosenberg, New York that establishes the floor price for this amazing NFT.

Bidding starts today with a floor price of 1495 SOL. Don't miss this deal.

About BluChip

BluChip's website is https:/ BluChip plans to be the world's foremost website for purchasing BluChip NFTs of masterworks that are backed by digital tokens.

To take advantage of the opportunity to win an auctioned BluChip NFT of museum quality artwork, be sure to visit BluChip's website during these first few days. Some of the many pieces that will be included in their initial offerings include Warhol, Harings, Stik, Traylor, Banksy, Abercrombie, Kline, Mitchel, and BluChip Sculptures from the Foundry Michelangelo, so don't miss it! 

BluChip's unique platform enables people to purchase BluChip NFTs that are tethered to the original painting or sculpture. In fact, if you decide that the actual artwork would be more useful to you than the non-fungible token, you simply have to swap it in to receive a masterwork (shipping and handling are the responsibility of the NFT owner). Even better, this program makes certain that you can choose which side of the deal you want to be on. Start collecting art today by using BluChip's NFT Marketplace website! Bid to win the fine art you will always love to own.

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