Bidtellect Taps Peer39 for Contextual Keyword Integration

The performance-driven DSP expands its contextual suite with industry leader for performance, cookieless, and brand safety benefits.

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Performance-driven demand-side platform Bidtellect is excited to announce its partnership with Peer39 to offer expanded keyword targeting capabilities to clients. Peer39 is the leading global provider of pre-bid keyword, contextual, and brand safety solutions for modern marketers. The partnership underscores Bidtellect's commitment to creating the most comprehensive context-driven technology solutions for clients in preparation for the cookieless future.

Along with keyword targeting and blocking through Peer39, Bidtellect users can also target Peer39 categories and make use of their Brand Safety tools.

After considering other contextual keyword integration partners, Bidtellect found that Peer39 offers the highest-quality and sophisticated contextual data and targeting technology in the industry, and is a recognizable addition to Bidtellect's performance-driven platform engine. 

Keyword targeting gives advertisers greater control and specificity over their contextual targeting, from brand safety to relevance and conquesting purposes.  

"With the third-party cookie rapidly approaching extinction, we are ecstatic to partner with a company that understands the significance of contextual advertising and its impact on driving brand engagement," said Bidtellect Product Manager Nick Gomez. "Advertisers will have more power than ever in ensuring that their message is reaching its target audience, within a relevant, brand-safe environment, without the need for any sort of data targeting."

Peer39 helps brands and advertisers access the safest, highest-quality, most contextually relevant inventory at an unmatched global scale. Peer39 technology leverages a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to analyze web pages for comprehensive contextual targeting.

"As we move towards a cookieless future, it's important to give advertisers as many controls as possible across all of the channels they use to reach consumers," said Alec Greenberg, Vice President of Partnerships at Peer39. "The Bidtellect platform is a perfect partner to help make our range of solutions available to advertisers, as it pairs Bidtellect's commitment to performance with our expertise in contextual data. The end result is that it's far easier for advertisers to deliver their messages in a privacy-safe way, which moves the industry toward the future."

Peer39 joins Bidtellect's revamped keyword targeting offering that includes Bidtellect's own custom keyword solution in addition to ADmantX by IAS. Advertisers can target or suppress a list of up to 2,500 combined keywords, repurpose search terms or create keyword combinations related to their conquesting initiatives, and the solution is available to use across Native Display, Banner Display, and Video ad formats. Bidtellect's keyword targeting can be applied in combination with all 14 optimization goal types offered within the DSP as well as other proprietary features such as AARDvark bid modifiers and Cookieless Context Demographics.

Bidtellect is a performance-driven DSP specializing in context-first optimization, cookieless solutions, and native programmatic. We pride ourselves in premium supply quality and optimizing down to the placement level, while offering deep campaign insights across a wide range of KPIs for our brand, agency, and trading desk partners. Bidtellect consistently outperforms competitors in nearly every head-to-head performance test thanks to industry-leading brand safety technology, premium supply quality, superior context capabilities, and proprietary bid factoring and optimization technology: delivering ads that work.

ABOUT Peer39
Peer39 is an independent data company that provides the largest data set available in the digital advertising ecosystem. Every day, the industry's leading brands, agencies, and publishers trust Peer39's AI-powered semantic analysis engine to provide a holistic understanding of page content, meaning, and sentiment. We do this by analyzing the relationship between words on a page, the content of a video, or in an app, ensuring appropriate classification. As people's time and attention become more fragmented, Peer39 believes that to succeed, you need as much contextual understanding of your audience as possible. We believe that it's as much about the digital environment as it is about the physical environment. Only then can you deliver the right ad to the right user in the right context.


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