Infosys, New Apprenticeship Launch AWS Cloud Apprenticeship

San Antonio, Texas, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Last night, more than ten dedicated individuals from cities including Dallas, TX and Indianapolis, IN officially started their careers in tech through the New Apprenticeship (NEW) Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Apprenticeship program. After completing an eight-week pre-employment bootcamp led by NEW’s AWS-certified instructors and coaches, these apprentices earned job offers from Infosys as Tech Process Associates, where they will focus on providing cloud support to clients.

“I’ve been doing appliance repair for the past five years and realized I had no opportunity for growth,” says Infosys Cloud Apprentice Joe Guertin. “I’ve always loved tech, but without a college degree my options were limited. When I applied to New Apprenticeship, I never imagined I would have landed a job with Infosys within a few months. It has been a surreal experience so far and I’m excited about working hands-on with the client to put my new knowledge to use.”

The apprentices will now complete a 12-month, US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship program while they work full-time, salaried roles at Infosys. In addition to valuable on-the-job experience, apprentices work with expert instructors and coaches in the evenings to attain industry-recognized certifications and develop leadership skills that help accelerate their career growth.

While this cohort will be the first for AWS Apprentices at Infosys, they will join over 150 other NEW apprentices who started their career as Infosys Tech Process Associates within the past year. 

Tan Moorthy, Executive Vice President of US Delivery Operations and Global Head Education, Training & Assessments at Infosys, sees this as the future of talent development: 

“At Infosys, we’re committed to hiring for potential, which is what New Apprenticeship is all about in that they create potential for people in technology fields. We’ve experienced the quality of the associates that have earned certifications through New Apprenticeship and are happy to extend employment opportunities to members of this latest cohort, while they participate in the program to achieve certification in AWS,” said Tan Moorthy, Executive Vice President of US Delivery Operations and Global Head Education, Training & Assessments at Infosys.

81% of NEW’s apprentices are minorities in tech and according to Brad Voeller, CEO of New Apprenticeship, “It’s essential that we start to break down barriers to enable more diverse talent to start tech careers. Apprenticeship is an industry game-changer that creates equitable pathways that actually compensate participants for their contributions on-the-job, while providing a debt-free opportunity to gain additional skills and knowledge.”

“As companies of all sizes move to cloud, there are not enough individuals with in-demand cloud skills to help these organizations achieve their business goals. Providing apprenticeships is an effective way for companies to develop and acquire the cloud talent they need to be successful. We're pleased to see New Apprenticeship, an AWS Training Partner, and Infosys, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, work together to create apprenticeships that provide new talent with hands-on skills via exciting cloud jobs. This is an ideal model for companies to use to develop cloud talent.” - Kevin Kelly, Director, Cloud Career Training Programs, AWS Training and Certification at AWS.

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