Jalen James Acosta, Paolo Privitera and Rachel Karry Launch ME Ventures to Invest in the Future Creator Economy

NEW YORK, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ME Ventures has announced an early-stage venture fund for companies leading the creator economy, tackling the industry's biggest challenges, and developing vertically integrated solutions that empower creators to build sustainable careers around the globe. A team of diverse global innovators and entrepreneurs have joined forces to invest in and develop the future infrastructure of music and media.

The creator economy continues to experience explosive growth as a new technology infrastructure develops for a more supportive, equitable, and Web 3 future. 29% of today's youth aspire to make a living with music and media rather than traditional careers, and the booming creator economy has become the fastest-growing type of small business. COVID has accelerated the Great Resignation as people follow their passion, purpose, and creativity, fostering a market size of $104.2B. These converging trends and the backdrop of an emerging Metaverse set the stage for an unprecedented shift in wealth. In Q3 2021, NFT revenue topped $10.3B, as blockchain-based assets and their emerging utilities drive innovation. Tools bring fans and artists closer together and create, secure, distribute and monetize Intellectual property like never before.

Founded by the team behind the Music Entrepreneur Conference and a group of leaders and innovators across music, media, Web3, finance, and technology, ME Ventures knows firsthand the many opportunities now at creators' fingertips and how to drive sustained growth. MEcon, now in its 5th year, with sponsors like Live Nation Urban and the Microsoft Garage, has become the premier education hub and a must-attend event for those aspiring to learn the business of music, be a part of a like-minded community and stay on the leading edge of technology.

ME Ventures is on a mission to close the gap between creators and the billions of dollars generated by this technology disruption. "We don't just make wealthy investors wealthier; we give artists that opportunity and bring them to be behind the scenes, putting their experience and ideas into this next generation of tech," says ME General Partners. 

With accelerating Web3 adoption, the next generation of creator technology will reduce barriers, create business efficiencies and provide equal opportunities for creators to thrive. We seek companies from fintech to distribution, business/IP management to creator-fan experiences that foster inclusivity and vertical integration to create a fairer, simpler, more efficient, and profitable industry. 

Mr. Privitera is a Silicon Valley-based global entrepreneur and strategist with a passion for innovation and growth using the power of data, strategic analysis, creativity, and teamwork.

Born and raised in Venice, Italy, he founded his first Internet company in 1994 when he was 16 years old. Paolo has been a U.S. resident since 2002. He has more than 25 years of experience in tech and internet-based businesses. During this time, he has founded six companies, invested in more than 70, and advised hundreds. Paolo has received 10 career awards, and four of the companies he founded had an exit. 

Mr. Acosta is an original member/songwriter & co-producer of the internationally famed multi platinum selling Latin group Toke D' Keda. Acosta has multiple credited roles in TV and Film, is the founder and CEO of World Artists United (WAU), is the founder of Music Entrepreneur Conference & 555 technologies, and has worked with the likes of Laz Alonso, Dwyane Wade, Odell Beckham Jr, Rosario Dawson, Will Smith, Ben Stiller, Avicii, Jerry Wonda, The Fugees & countless Fortune 100 & 500 companies. 

Rachel Karry is an Innovator, Creator, Educator, Technologist and Investor at the intersection of Music, Media, Sports, Health and Web3 Technology. Ms. Karry focuses on building the Music Entrepreneur Ecosystem to elevate the next generation of music and media entrepreneurs to change the world through education, information and technology. Ms. Karry also serves as CoFounder and president of World Artists United Creative Agency.

About ME Ventures 

ME Ventures is an investment fund leading the evolution of a sustainable business ecosystem for creators worldwide, investing in companies laying the tech foundation of music and media, built to maximize a Web3 future. Founded and envisioned by a diverse group of innovators, creators, and leaders from all walks of life, we thrive on inclusivity and social impact. 


Contact: Rachel Karry 

Email: R@meventures.vc

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