FlightHub and 4Ukraine.ca Partner to Offer Free Flights to Displaced Ukrainians

Since entering into the partnership on May 20, FlightHub and 4Ukraine.ca have already vetted and flown two families to Vancouver and Calgary respectively.

Montreal, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flighthub Group is proud to introduce its Ukraine Aid program, offering free flights, booking assistance, and donations to provide relief to those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. 

In partnership with 4Ukraine.ca, FlightHub is providing Ukrainian refugees with free flights from Europe to Canada. FlightHub has made an initial commitment of CA$100,000, corresponding to roughly 100 long-haul flights, with more potentially to come. Since entering into the partnership on May 20, FlightHub and 4Ukraine.ca have already vetted and flown two families to Vancouver and Calgary respectively. 

“FlightHub is founded on the idea that travel keeps us connected and has the power to change lives,”said Chris Cave, CEO, FlightHub Group. “With our Ukraine Aid program, we are using our knowledge and global reach in the industry to provide direct and meaningful assistance to those who need it most.” 

"We are delighted to partner with FlightHub to assist Ukrainians in relocating to Canada,” said 4Ukraine.ca co-founder and director, Anna Chif. “The urgency to help displaced Ukrainians come to Canada is undeniable, and the partnership with FlightHub allows Ukrainians to travel as soon as they are ready to move"

Through a rigorous vetting process that includes video interviews, travel document review, host family background checks, and job prospecting, 4Ukraine.ca ensures the well-being and preparedness of Ukrainians participating in the program. “Our goal is for participants to have a safe place to stay and means of supporting themselves once they land in Canada,” added Anna Chif. 

FlightHub Group announced additional measures in support of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine in April 2022 and anyone who needs to participate or wants to donate is encouraged to visit https://flighthubgroup.com/ukraine-aid. 

To support 4Ukraine.ca families and contribute to airfare, you can also donate directly on the 4Ukraine.ca website. If you are an employer looking to hire Ukrainians as part of the 4Ukraine.ca initiative, please visit: https://www.4ukraine.ca/hire

About FlightHub Group Inc. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, FlightHub Group owns and operates FlightHub and sister company JustFly – two of North America’s leading flight-centric online travel agencies. From its founding in 2012, FlightHub Group has put choice and control back in customers’ hands. Its industry-leading online booking platforms revolutionized the ticketing experience, making it possible for customers to explore and optimize itineraries, destinations and prices best suited to their needs. For more information visit flighthubgroup.com 

About 4Ukraine.ca 4Ukraine.ca is a federally registered not-for-profit organization, on a mission to help 5,000+ displaced Ukrainians settle in Canada. 4Ukraine.ca operates through the highly popular online community CANADA - Host Ukrainians of 75,000+ people, helping with job placement, airfare costs and background checks on host families. 

Contact information: Victoria Cheng, FlightHub: media@flighthub.com & 514-604-2238 | 4Ukraine.ca: media@4ukraine.ca


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