A Man of Science Ventures Into Fiction Writing

NEW YORK, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One barely ever sees someone from the field of science doing any creative work. This is because many perceive the two skills to be poles apart. But trends are changing and people are exploring their many talents irrespective of which field they are working in. Such is the case with Marulasidda Siddu. Being a software engineer was his passion and he achieved the peak of his passion when he worked for several high-profile clients in the IT world. But as he started working on his spiritual side, he realized that he also wanted to write; and not just an ordinary story, but a thriller titled "Two flames".

Thriller is perhaps one of the most intriguing genres in the world of entertainment and literature. It keeps people on edge about what will transpire and if what they perceive the direction of the story is actually correct or not. A lot of stories have started to develop a similarity with each other which is why people may be put off by its progression and lose interest. So, when any writer comes up with a unique storyline, one that combines spirituality and mystery it deserves to be given a chance.

Marulasidda Siddu's lead character, Alex's story starts with a tragedy as he loses his father when he was only 8 years old. Confusion and troubles follow as he has trouble fitting with the people around him but finally manages to find a friend in Carolina during his college years and later befriends Kate as well. 

After Alex's mother also passes away, the two female friends in Alex's life start having dreams where a woman is speaking to them. The mystery keeps on adding as Alex soon finds out the spiritual nature of these dreams and how they relate to his mother. The dive into the world of spirituality adds more drama to this narrative and makes it a compelling read. 

All this coming from the mind of someone whose first field of choice is science seems amazing. Despite this being his first writing venture, Siddu has used his spiritual knowledge to weave a story that is wonderfully executed. 

With each book a writer writes, they leave a part of their soul in it. It is a refreshing experience that cleanses the body and mind. When a book is well written, the reader is always able to feel that soulful connection to the writer and their characters, irrespective of the genre. Siddu's "Two flames" certainly fits these guidelines, which is why it is a must read for all fiction lovers and be transported into a world of intrigue. 

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