Apiip Expand IP To Location API Services to Verify 1 million+ Requests A Month

Belgrade, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- apiip is a world-leading IP intelligence service. Through an integrated API, website, application and back-office visitors are tagged with a geolocation, pinpointing their city, region, country and much more. This data allows owners to automate and personalize user experiences and carry out invaluable user research via an API interface.

Today, apiip are delighted to announce that they have expanded their IP to location API service to handle over 1 million requests a month. Now, everybody from small businesses who receive 5,000+ hits a month to large scale organizations that receive 1,000,000+ hits a month can utilize IP and geolocation intelligence.

This is big news for digital enterprises and businesses of all sizes who require geolocation data to improve their conversion. Regardless of the number of requests per month, the API will store over 40 unique data points for each visitor, providing the most accurate geolocation data through a powerful node infrastructure.

Below, we detail how apiip have expanded their IP to location API to cater for 1 million+ requests per month, and how the service works:

Built to scale: IP to location API requests are intensely quick, accurate, and now, can handle almost infinite hits

The infrastructure behind apiip was built to scale and almost indefinitely. Thanks to continuous improvement, apiip can now work with organizations to create custom solutions, regardless of the number of estimated requests the API is likely to receive per month.

As part of expansion and following successful trials, apiip have increased their server distribution worldwide for speed, reliability and security. Each IP to location API request, such as a website visit, an application visit or a back-office visit, is directed to the nearest and fastest node, providing rapid response from any place in the world.

The response time for each request is up to 100 milliseconds in most parts of the world. This speed is invaluable for organizations who need to serve personalized content or information, such as location-based campaign website pages, currencies, time zone information, or to redirect based on language detection.

All data sent to and processed by the servers (excluding the free plan) is secured via 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS), while local databases are updated by apiip, meaning there is no requirement on the web, application or back-office owner to carry out database updates.

How organizations are benefitting from IP to location API data

Understanding detailed information regarding visitors geolocations is invaluable for organizations. With this data, organizations can better understand who their visitors are and how their interaction and conversion behavior changes based on location. With this insight, personalization can be triggered, displaying content and functionality that is tailored to suit the needs and requirements of that audience.

For example, when a website visitor lands on an organizations website, the apiip IP to location API request is triggered. In rapid time, the API will decipher where the request has come from and document the continent, country, city, postcode, preferred language, currency, time zone, application and browser, amongst many other data points. At this stage, website pages and content that have been created specifically for that geolocation can be served, with no noticeable time delay to the end user.

This process allows organizations to:

  • Improve behavioral factors by up to 70% by delivering personalized content based on the visitors location
  • Redirect users to their preferred language version of a website or application
  • Display prices in location currency, which typically increases the conversion rate by 40%
  • Display content based on time zones, ensuring users from across the globe see accurate timings and are aware of opening hours, support line operating hours, shipping days and more

… and much more

Integrating custom IP to location API solutions that caters for over 1 million requests per month

With the news that apiip can now cater for over 1 million IP to location API requests per month, they have only enhanced their reputation has one of the leading IP intelligence services in the world. To understand how it works, and how custom solutions are already in place for organizations that require large API request numbers, visit the apiip website.

More Information:

apiip is an API service allowing customers to automate IP address validation and geolocation lookup in websites, applications and back-office systems. Following a successful API request, the API will return more than 40 unique response objects containing result data, allowing personalized content and functionality to be displayed. Learn more at https://apiip.net/

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/apiip-expand-ip-to-location-api-services-to-verify-1-million-requests-a-month/


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