Sharon D Smith Speaks Her Mind in Her New Book Release

NEW YORK, June 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When life throws a lot of hurdles at someone, many times, the person emerges from the experience as a stronger and more resilient human. In fact, some wear their moments of grief or hardship as a badge of honor to motivate others to do the same. Such is the case for Sharon D Smith. Although a new author who has taken her first step into the writing world, she has already mastered the art of gripping her readers through powerful emotions and stunningly detailed storytelling.

The final chapter of her most-awaited book "How the Hell That Happen?" is being written and it will be soon available for the users to read over the internet. The book talks about her life as a teenage girl from humble beginnings to the positive and happy person that she is now. Since it is an autobiography, the emotions presented in it are raw and sure to strike a chord with the reader who has even remotely gone through a similar situation. 

As her book opens up, the reader feels like it's going to be the story of a woman who will find "the one true love," but it's so much more. It is a book about hope, failures, getting over the past and living life in the moment. There are many motivational books in the market that are always talking about one mantra or the other, or guide readers to follow a specific schedule for the best life. But Smith doesn't shy away from telling her readers to take it slow and enjoy their life.

The book shines a huge spotlight on domestic abuse, marital abandonment, and the way some people can deceive everyone. These issues are so ingrained in society that people at large have accepted them as a part of the system, thereby renouncing all responsibility of their own. The book holds a mirror up to society and to women of all ages on how they should be strong in the face of adversity and rely on their closest allies for support. 

The trauma that follows a person after experiences like these in a marriage can leave a lasting impression on anyone, but Smith gives her readers a light at the end of the tunnel. She explains how the bond a person will have with the right partner is worth the wait. Furthermore, there are many people who fall in love much later in life than when they intended to but, when they do, it does feel like the perfect fit.

Maintaining a positive outlook in life throughout all these hardships is difficult, but it is the best way to become stronger. This is the message that readers will get from Sharon D Smith's book and it is a message that everyone needs in the trying times that we all live in.

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