Triad Partners Launches Advisor Intensive Coaching Program

LAWRENCE, Kan., June 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Triad Partners is on a mission to help elite financial advisors scale their businesses and achieve unlimited growth without sacrificing in other areas of their lives. That's why they've recently launched The Advisor Intensive™, a coaching program designed to help advisors transform their business in just 24 hours.

Stephen Stricklin, CFP®, CKA®, is the CEO of Wise Wealth in Lee's Summit, Missouri. He graduated from the one-on-one Advisor Intensive™ program. "I gained a whole new mindset and view about my business," he said. "Prior to visiting Triad, my productivity was highly dependent on the number of hours I worked. I knew what I wanted to do, I had the vision, but I didn't know what specific steps to take in order to get there. Now, I view my business in a completely different way. For the first time in my life, I know exactly what I need to do."

However, the coaching isn't open to every advisor; Triad only works with the nation's most elite advisors and has designed two different formats based on top advisors' needs.

The Advisor Intensive™ program includes private and group sessions for advisors. "The private one-on-one session is a customized experience and the most in-depth program that's currently available to advisors focusing on learning how to scale their business beyond themselves," said Shawn Sparks, Triad Partners founder. "The advisors that go through this program spend 24 hours with our team of experts, and during that time we do a deep dive into their unique business. Then they get customized marketing and operations strategies designed just for them. They leave with a clear view of what they need to do to scale and grow."

For those advisors who prefer small group, mastermind-style learning formats - members in the group coaching also get strategies they can deploy immediately. Group coaching members are matched with a small group of advisors who can share similar successes and frustrations. "They get the chance to learn from each other," Sparks said. "Plus, we pair them up with a mentor advisor who was once where they were, and their mentor shares how they incorporated the lessons they learned from The Advisor Intensive™ to grow their business. There's more collaboration, and group coaching members get to hear from someone who has already taken the steps they plan to take, but just happens to be a little further down the path than they are."

Sparks said the program is designed to spur advisors to action. "We've found that advisors generally take a reactive approach to solving problems and addressing needs within their business," Sparks said. "They will find a problem, then call their partners, coaches or peers to try to fix it. Instead, it's much better to have a vision and view of what they need to do before the problems happen. Being proactive lets them avoid common roadblocks altogether."

The program is about more than just coaching. "So often, advisors want to create a transformation, but they don't know how," Sparks said. "They may do weekly or monthly coaching, but they never get any momentum.  In order to really transform, you need a deep dive to jumpstart the transformation."

"That's why we created this," he continued. "Our 24-hour fully-immersive Advisor Intensive™ program is equal to five or six months of weekly coaching calls. We get clear about the direction, build momentum, train and launch - all in a condensed timeframe. Advisors leave the Intensive with a 12-month plan and a clear, step-by-step process on how to grow a better-quality business. There's really nothing like this in our space."

For those advisors who qualify and meet ongoing coaching requirements, strategic partners like Michael Hyatt and others are brought in for coaching and private masterminds as part of their personalized 12-month coaching plan. Triad has really designed The Advisor Intensive™ to be a jumping-off point for each advisor's personalized growth journey.

About Triad Partners

Triad Partners helps elite financial advisors achieve growth and realize their goals in business and in life. Visit for more information or to inquire about membership.

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Triad Partners is on a mission to help elite financial advisors scale their businesses and achieve unlimited growth without sacrificing in other areas of their lives.

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Triad Partners Launches Advisor Intensive Coaching Program