10.1% Toy Collectibles Market Growth Annually, Boosting Revenue to 40 Billion by 2032, Current market estimated at Whopping 18.4 Billion: Market Decipher

Toy collectibles market size has grown huge in couple of years. Quality demand by customers for materials used in toy cartoons and figurines has also hugely evolved. Various high quality resin and metal are in demand due to growing inclination towards antique and decoration conscious customers. Home Decor and Collectibles Market have somewhat overlapped at various sectors growing the arena for new manufactured collectibles toys. Investors find this a huge potential pocket for funding for huge return opportunities.

Pune, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MarketDecipher.com has published latest research report, "Toy Collectibles Market Size, Statistics, Growth Trend Analysis, and Forecast Report, 2022 - 2032" estimating the global toy collectibles market at $18,253.2 million in 2021 (historical data) and forecasting it to reach $40,355.5 million by 2032.

“Toy collectibles market is strengthening due to the growth of internet access and a subsequent rise in the use of social media. The growing popularity of collectible toys is further attributable to streaming services, and other technological advancements”

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Booming growth of the Toy Collectibles market is supported by better returns than gold, art, and financial securities

Today's technology-driven marketplace is forcing toymakers to integrate physical and digital play seamlessly in order to succeed in the growing market for collectible toys. Other factors that influence the toy collectibles market include the ideas of toy artists, the limited availability of toys, the quality of the toys, and the marketing strategies used by toy manufacturers.

Certain collectible toys have a high rate of return, which has attracted a lot of investors to this market. Investors such as lego  are participating actively in the toy collectibles world. LEGO investors, for instance, are typically able to earn high returns from reselling unpacked sets, especially rare ones that were produced in limited editions or many years ago. Lego sets from 20-30 years ago make LEGO fans nostalgic, and their prices are skyrocketing.

Global toy collectibles market sales are increasing enormously differences owing to small changes made in toy collectibles over the years

Toy collectibles newest entries have often been successful due to ways in which they have been able to distinguish themselves from their predecessors. Blind bag toys are available in many varieties, and the most successful introductions have managed to differentiate themselves in different ways. Shopkins, for example, was able to differentiate itself with products such as model vehicles and other toys meant to accompany the doll. 

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Toy Collectibles Market witnesses a multi-facet growth opportunity during the forecast period.

Globally, toys collectibles are expected to grow by USD 20 billion during 2022-2032. At major auctions, artists like KAWS sell their work for millions of dollars. Toy collectibles featuring cartoon characters are among the most popular. Collectible dolls such as barbie dolls, cabbage patch dolls, faced dolls, mama dolls, raggedy Ann & Andy, and others are among the most popular and sought-after collectible toys. The reason for this is the rise in popularity of doll characters such as Barbie and Adora, the rise in fashion trends, and the increased disposable income of consumers.

The growing interest of adults in toy collectibles is another major factor spurring demand for toy collectibles

The focus of collectable toys among adults has been largely on high-end toys which can be extremely expensive, costing over USD100, this trend is anticipated to continue among them. Pop culture products such as Funko Pop have played a big role, as have licenses that appeal to adults such as Ghostbusters or Rick and Morty. The interest in collectibles among adults is having a noticeable impact on the retail market. Subscription online services, such as Loot Crate, have seen substantial growth from adult toy collectibles as well.

COVID-19 influence on consumer interest continues to support the toy collectibles market sales

New products are being introduced to the collectible toys industry for different age groups and based on diverse themes, such as Molly toys, Legos, Hatchimals, Board Games, doll houses, and train sets. In spite of difficult market conditions, collectible toys gained traction during the pandemic due to new consumer interests and hobbies that developed during lockdowns.

Tremendous popularity gained by action movies will augment the growth of action figures in toy collectible market

Action figures are the most popular collectible toys. There is a high demand for these collectibles due to the popularity of superhero movies, action comics, video games, and anime with virtually every age group in the world. Moreover, significant growth in the market is expected in the near future due to the strong presence of action figure manufacturing firms and retailers, such as Hasbro, Mattel, Bandai, McFarlane Toys, NECA, and Hot Toys. For instance, the Hot Toys Origins Collection also debuted in 2021, featuring two new Iron figurines based on Marvel Comics artwork for 2022.

“The growing trend of designer miniature cars along with the growing interest of collectors in such toys are among the factors driving the market growth. Moreover, the popularity of automobiles worldwide is also influencing the demand for collectible toy cars amongst collectors.”

Furthermore, the rise of such marketplaces by several leading aggregators are likely to influence the growth of collectible market places. Growth of the market is further fuelled by offline expansion by several leading toy collectibles companies. As an example, 52TOYS, a well-known licensed brand, announced a plan in January 2022 to open 100 stores by the end of 2023.

Leading companies in this industry include Mattel, Inc., The Lego Group, HASBRO, Inc., HASBRO, Inc., MGA Entertainment, Inc., FUNKO, Spin Master, WOWEE, MOOSE, Storm Collectibles, National Entertainment Collectibles, Happy Worker Inc, JADA Toys Inc. Additionally, the famous online auction houses such as shopgoodwill.com, Ruby Lane, Etsy, eBid Online Auctions, and Bonanza boosted the collectibles sales in recent years.

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Key Products of the Toy Collectibles industry covered in this market are as follows:

     • Collectible Dolls

     • Bobble-Head

     • Collectible Games

     • Game CDs/Cassettes

     • Action Figure

     • Movie Collectibles

     • Cartoon Figurines

     • Other Figurines

     • Toy Cars

     • Pins and Buttons

     • Other Collectibles

Detailed Report includes market data and forecast from 2018 to 2032. Further, it includes trend analysis of the industry in every country and for each segment. Customization can be done in the existing research scope to cater to your specific requirements. The report offers analysis for each country listed here: North America, , United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Rest of the Europe, APAC, China, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, South Korea, Rest of the APAC, Rest of the World, Middle East, Japan, Africa, and Rest of the World

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