7 Hills Pharma Expands Pioneering Patent Portfolio With New Claims Covering Innovative Combination Therapies

HOUSTON, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 7 Hills Pharma LLC (“7 Hills” or “7HP”) has secured newly issued US patent claims that significantly expand the extent of the company’s intellectual property (IP) estate. By virtue of these new claims (issued patent no. 11,311,619), the 7HP IP estate now encompasses combinations of any integrin agonist with any antigen. Along with existing company IP broadly covering the landscape of small molecule integrin agonists, the new patent claims showcase 7HP’s leadership in using integrin activation to overcome immunotherapy resistance across a myriad of therapeutic areas.

According to Stephen Bent, a biotech patent law expert and early 7HP investor, the breadth of the new claims befits the significance of the subject technology. “This patent describes a pioneering discovery elucidating the ability of integrin agonists, as a class, to promote cell adhesion and improve immune priming. The new claims thus cover an important technological advance that will enable a diverse range of future applications for 7HP’s integrin agonists.”

“7 Hills was founded on the belief that the novel biology of integrin activation offers the potential to provide improved outcomes from immunotherapies across in a variety of risk-diversified indications. These new claims significantly derisk our strategy and broaden the available pathways for 7 Hills to deliver differentiated benefits to patients,” said Upendra Marathi, CEO of 7 Hills.

About 7 Hills Pharma LLC

7 Hills Pharma is a clinical-stage immunotherapy company developing a platform of novel, oral small molecules for the treatment of cancer and prevention of infectious diseases. Our compounds are first-in-concept allosteric integrin activators that leverage a unique mechanism of action to stabilize the cell-cell interactions required to mount an effective immune response. Our lead clinical candidate, 7HP349, is the only reported systemically safe immune stimulant that can activate both cellular and humoral immunity. For more information, visit http://www.7hillspharma.com.

About 7HP349

7HP349 is 7HP’s lead, clinical-stage integrin agonist. It is a first-in-class, orally delivered small molecule that safely and selectively activates the integrins LFA-1 and VLA-4 to augment the antigen-specific immune response. In preclinical models, 7HP349 has been shown improve the effectiveness of a broad range of immune checkpoint inhibitors and a wide variety of infectious disease vaccines. In a Phase I clinical trial, 7HP349 demonstrated oral bioavailability and clean safety profile at exposures well exceeding therapeutic levels.


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