Former Navy SEAL Spearheading Revolution to Eat More Plants, Less Meat

Be Selfish, Save the Planet

BARDSTOWN, Ky., June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Saving Mother Earth and adhering to self-interest starts with consuming a healthy diet. Eating more plants and less meat does the body good. It also helps the planet by dramatically reducing the drain on the resources required to produce billions of animals for slaughter annually, as conveyed during interview with founders of The Plant Gorilla.

Former Navy SEAL Brett Lynch co-founder of The Plant Gorilla, says, "We are committed to ensuring that saving the planet is fun. We have developed The 24 Core Beliefs of a Food Adventurer because, in our hearts, we are all Global Citizens living on One Planet. Without the planet, there is no adventure (no fun). Next, to be an adventurer, wisdom dictates to start with food, because we must have the fuel to perform at elite levels, so eat More Plants, Less Meat, and have more fun (adventure)!"

Ultimately information on health and fitness are suggestions since all of us demand the freedom of choice. One of the 24 beliefs of a Food Adventurer is Customization is our Unification. That acknowledges the uniqueness that each person possesses. The wisdom is recommended, and it is up to the individual to apply it to their lives as they see fit. This belief also encourages diversity of thought because different perspectives deepen understanding, broaden the horizon, and lead to new wisdom.

Another important concept of this planet-saving revolution is understanding that taste is important, but it is secondary to the primary objective. Eating for fuel is essential to create success as opposed to eating solely for taste, which is a formula for failure. Carbohydrates generate fuel, and protein promotes recovery; very few people understand how to balance this correctly throughout the day.

The common belief is that people will choose their gut over their conscience to keep the planet safe. The Guardian has an article by Amanda Schupak that states, "But if given the choice between a dish that's better for the planet but not especially appetizing, and a mouth-watering, meat-heavy option, people tend to listen to their gut, not their conscience."

But MuLLady MBA, co-founder of The Plant Gorilla, says, "People are both selfless and selfish; it is the human condition. However, regarding the meat issue, we can help the planet and ourselves simultaneously by mastering the art of eating meat strategically, not habitually. Always keep in mind that protein is for recovery and carbs are for energy. From a selfish perspective, eating meat for every meal slows us down. Eat carbs during the day for energy and consume only fats with protein (no carbs) right before bed to recover while sleeping deeply, letting the body and the planet heal."

Join the revolution. Be Selfish, Save the Planet!

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Image 1: Self-Love is Self-Preservation

Be smart keep the planet around for the adventure (fun).

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Self-Love is Self-Preservation