Global and China Leading Tier1 Suppliers' Intelligent Cockpit Business Report 2022: Mass Production of Innovative Cockpits Gathers Pace, and Penetration of New Technologies is on a Rapid Rise

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Tier1 Intelligent Cockpit Research: The mass production of innovative cockpits gathers pace, and penetration of new technologies is on a rapid rise

Global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are racing for the implementation of innovative "smart cockpit` technologies. In the next 2-3 years, we will see the mass production of many innovative intelligent cockpits which will experience a great revolution to HMI modes.

In the future, suppliers that simply provide T-Box hardware will not be competitive. Some T-Box vendors are trying to master software and operating system, and gearing towards central gateway and communication domain computing platform solutions.

In 2021, Bosch launched the `automotive communication computing platform` to provide customers with a safe and reliable high-performance software innovation platform with multi-domain control and super computing power. Besides, it is integrated with a multitude of communication architectures such as in-vehicle communication, wireless communication, and OTA. The automotive computing platform also in possession of rich communication resources and storage resources can act as an in-vehicle data center and provide a robust hardware foundation for automotive APP services.

Bosch T-Box integrates Ethernet, external antennas (OTA required) and embedded Linux.

In addition, T-BOX's further integration with high-performance smart antennas is the crucial technology for the integrated vehicle connectivity. For remote access keys, navigation systems and intelligent communication technologies, there are a large number of wireless communication interfaces inside and outside vehicle, which can integrate 5G and V2X technologies.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Cockpit Business of Harman
1.1 Operation of Harman
1.2 Harman's In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and Display Business
1.3 Harman's Telematics Business
1.4 Harman's Vehicle Vision and DMS Business
1.5 Harman's Telematics Security Business
1.6 Summary of Harman's Cockpit Business

2 Cockpit Business of Aptiv
2.1 Operation of Aptiv
2.2 Aptiv - Smart Vehicle Architecture
2.3 Aptiv - Cockpit Domain Controller
2.4 Aptiv - Intelligent Head Unit (IVI/Infotainment/Display)
2.5 Aptiv - Vehicle Displays (Center Console, Instrument Cluster, HUD, etc.)
2.6 Aptiv - T-BOX/C-V2X/5G
2.7 Aptiv - Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
2.8 Aptiv - Other Cockpit Functional Modules
2.9 Summary of Aptiv's Cockpit Business

3 Cockpit Business of Visteon
3.1 Operation of Visteon
3.2 Visteon Cockpit Domain Controllers
3.3 Visteon's Vehicle Display Business
3.4 Visteon's Head Unit and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Business
3.5 Visteon's DMS Business
3.6 Visteon OTA and Security Solutions
3.7 Summary of Visteon's Cockpit Business

4 Cockpit Business of LG Electronics
4.1 Operation of LG Electronics
4.2 LG Electronics - Cockpit Domain Controllers
4.3 LG Electronics - Intelligent Head Unit (IVI/Infotainment/Display)
4.4 LG Electronics - Vehicle Displays (Center Console, Instrument Cluster, HUD, etc.)
4.5 LG Electronics - T-BOX/C-V2X/5G
4.6 LG Electronics - L2.5+ Automated Parking System
4.7 LG Electronics - Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
4.8 LG Electronics - Cockpit Security Modules
4.9 LG Electronics - Other Cockpit Function Modules
4.10 Summary of LG Electronics' Cockpit Business

5 Cockpit Business of HELLA
5.1 Operation of HELLA
5.2 HELLA ECU and Body Control Module
5.3 HELLA Cockpit Lighting System
5.4 HELLA's Automated Parking Business
5.5 Summary of HELLA's Cockpit Business

6 Cockpit Business of Desay SV
6.1 Operation of Desay SV
6.2 Desay SV Cockpit Domain Controller
6.3 Desay SV Autonomous Driving Domain Controller
6.4 Desay SV's Head Unit and Vehicle Display Business
6.5 Desay SV Cockpit Air Conditioning and Thermal Management
6.6 Desay SV's Telematics Business
6.7 Desay SV's Automated Parking Business
6.8 Desay SV's DMS Business
6.9 Desay SV's Telematics and Information Security Business
6.10 Summary of Desay SV's Cockpit Business

7 Cockpit Business of Joyson Electronic
7.1 Operation of Joyson Electronic
7.2 Joyson Electronic Cockpit Domain Controller
7.3 Joyson Electronic Intelligent Head Unit (IVI/Infotainment/Display)
7.4 Joyson Electronic Vehicle Displays (Center Console, Cluster, HUD, etc.)
7.5 Joyson Electronic Automotive Air Conditioner Controller
7.6 Joyson Electronic T-BOX/C-V2X/5G
7.7 Joyson Electronic L2.5+ Automated Parking System
7.8 Joyson Electronic Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
7.9 Joyson Electronic Cockpit Safety Modules
7.10 Joyson Electronic's Other Cockpit Business
7.11 Summary of Joyson Electronic's Cockpit Business

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