DirectRx Pharmacy Adds Texting Technology for Patients, Expands to All 50 States

TROY, Mich., June 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Patients in all 50 states will now have access to the latest technology and highest level of patient care in the specialty pharmacy industry. DirectRx, a leading independent specialty pharmacy, announces the addition of texting technology for its customers, as well as the acquisition of licensing in California.

“The new texting technology allows us to reach hundreds of patients within seconds,” said Heather Graham, director of operations for DirectRx. “This increases the efficiency of our operations and provides patients with fast, meaningful two-way responses. The technology is simply a great way to improve our service to patients nationwide without sacrificing the efficiency of our team.”

Texting allows patients to schedule medication shipments across the US conveniently and easily with just two or three simple text responses. Patients also receive links via text to track their shipments in real time. Text conversations are HIPAA compliant but also specific to each patient, with little to no need for intervention from a DirectRx team member.

As DirectRx expands to include patients in California, making its nationwide coverage complete, investments in new technology are helping to maintain the quality of patient care and improve turnaround time for medication orders.

“With the recent addition of California, DirectRx is proud to complete licensing in all 50 states,” said DirectRx President Marko Berishaj. “Patients in all states can now take advantage of our services including comprehensive onboarding and education through their health journey. We will continue our relentless drive to help our patients get better.”

DirectRx, an independent specialty pharmacy with dual accreditation from both ACHC and URAC, provides patients with unparalleled, personalized pharmaceutical care. The company operates in all 50 states. Investments in technology help to provide clients with accurate, timely orders.

CONTACT:  Marina Lekocaj, DirectRx (248) 273-0489