Silk Relo Ltd., Silk Relo (S) Pte Ltd., & K.C. Dat (S) Pte Ltd. (Trading as Asian Tigers Singapore) Are First to Earn Certification for Meeting International Standards in Diversity & Inclusion from Human Resource Standards Institute℠

Asia-headquartered companies are the first in the global relocation industry to prove they meet ISO standards for human resource management processes & procedures

Alexandria, Virginia

ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Silk Relo Ltd., Silk Relo (S) Pte Ltd. and K. C. Dat (S) Pte Ltd. (Trading as Asian Tigers Singapore) are the first companies to demonstrate dedication to the highest standards of diversity and inclusion (D&I) by earning organizational certification from the Human Resource Standards InstituteSM (HRSISM). This achievement shows they not only are D&I global leaders in the international relocation services industry but also are leaders in international human resources (HR) best practices. HRSI certification validates that Silk Relo and Asian Tigers Singapore HR processes are aligned with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 30415:2021: Human resource management (HRM) – D&I standards. It also verifies that their commitment to offering the best in human resources (HR) and D&I practices is backed up with real action.

The accomplishment is an important milestone for award-winning Silk Relo, according to CEO Kay Kutt.

“Silk Relo’s mission is to make a difference one transferee at a time. When I look at it through the lens of D&I, our mission is to make a difference one person at a time. If we don’t do it for our team members, how are we going to do it for our clients, our customers, our stakeholders, our transferees?” Kutt said. “We are pleased to be at the forefront of D&I and the relocation industry in adherence to ISO HRM standards. Now, our customers and potential customers have a way to confirm that Silk Relo truly is implementing D&I best practices and know it will be a positive differentiator for us.”

Job seekers, customers, investors and government agencies increasingly demand that business relationships and internal processes and practices conform to D&I principles. The HRSI D&I Organizational Certification was developed to support ISO 30415:2021 Human Resource Management (HRM) – D&I. It leverages ISO guidance on D&I for organizations and allows comparisons of practices on objective bases with other organizations across national boundaries and industry sectors.

According to John Lim, managing director of Asian Tigers Singapore, the HRSI 30415:2021 certification shows the greater business world that D&I is a priority for the company.

“Over the last few years, diversity and inclusion have taken on prime space in everything that we talk about and do as an organization,” Lim shared. “D&I is unique because, unlike the other ISO systems, it cuts across the human factor. When you cut across the human factor within a country, you have different races, different beliefs and different cultures. Across different countries and different regions, we are all completely different. Our customers want to know that we recognize this and honor those differences both internally and externally.”

The HRSI D&I Certification is a game-changer for forward-thinking organizations that want to show they are committed to the highest levels of D&I, according to Dr. Amy Dufrane, CEO of HRCI, the parent company of HRSI.

“We celebrate Silk Relo and Asian Tigers Singapore being the first companies to earn HRSI D&I Certification! These leading international companies recognize that their employees, future employees, customers, vendors and external stakeholders would want to be associated with a relocation services company that is dedicated to D&I,” Dr. Dufrane said. “Earning an HRSI organizational certification allows companies to ensure that their HR activities are aligned with business goals using consensus-based, international HR standards. Now Silk Relo and Asian Tigers Singapore can display the HRSI 30415:2021 badge and seal of excellence to show their stakeholders that they are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in D&I.”

HRSI is a subsidiary of HRCI®, the premier HR credentialing and learning organization with more than 45 years of leadership in HR. The organization has set the global standard for HR expertise and excellence through its commitment to the development and advancement of businesspeople in the people business. As a subsidiary of HRCI, HRSI provides organizational certifications built on ISO standards.

To learn more about HRSI and the path to certification, visit

HRSISM is headquartered in Alexandria, Va., and develops and offers organizational certifications that are based on International Organization for Standardization (ISO) human resources management (HRM) standards. It is a subsidiary of HRCI® and leverages HRCI’s expertise in credentialing and learning for the human resources profession. Through HRSI certification, organizations discover globally accepted HRM best practices and utilize that knowledge in the development of HR processes that adhere to those standards. Learn more at

About Silk Relo
Silk Relo Ltd. is Asia’s leading provider of international relocation & moving services and Silk Relo (S) Pte Ltd. provides its premier level of relocation services in Singapore. Silk Relo is a sister company to the Asian Tigers Group. Silk Relo delivers comprehensive end-to-end mobility services tailored to suit every client’s needs, making a difference one transferee at a time. At the heart of everything Silk Relo does and woven into the fabric of our culture is our Duty-of-Care. Silk Relo leads with innovation and excellence, weaving in its Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Our culture fosters and builds strong and lasting relationships with our clients that are built on a foundation of trust and respect as a result of reliable and responsible professionals delivering on our commitments while maintaining our uncompromising principles. With dedicated relocation specialists in 18 offices across 13 countries-territories – Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, Silk Relo provides solutions in the delivery of Visa & Immigration, Temporary Living, Area Orientation, Home Search, School Search, Settling-in, Cross-Cultural, Spouse & Family Programs, Language Lessons, Pet Relocation, Move Management, Expense Management, Tenancy Management and Departure / Repatriation Services. For more information, visit

About K. C. Dat (S) Pte Ltd T/A Asian Tigers Singapore   
K. C. Dat (S) Pte Ltd., also known as Asian Tigers Singapore, is the longest-running moving company in Singapore. Established in 1963, we are one of the founding members of Asian Tigers Group, Asia’s strongest network of mobility specialists with 30 offices spanning across 14 countries. For more than five decades, our name has been synonymous with excellence in the field of international mobility. We provide a full suite of relocation services from pre-arrival visits to departure programs. Our customized solutions enhance our clients and their transferring employees’ satisfaction as well as increase productivity. Our clients include major financial institutions, government bodies, multinational corporations, and entities involved in a diverse range of business, such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and hospitality. We also provide a full suite of customized logistics services in the areas of fine art, office relocations and project management. Being an industry leader in corporate moving services, we are members of two prestigious global networks, FIDI and OMNI, with quality assurance certifications for ISO 9001 and 27001. Our commitment to helping protect the environment is evidenced by our 14001 ISO certification. In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund and the Tiger Action Fund, we support global efforts in protecting our earth as well as Asia’s wild tigers. For more information, visit


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