Boston, Massachusetts, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Human Unitec International, Inc., (OTC Pink: HMNU) ("HMNU"), is a Project Finance, Management & Development for Sustainability, Medical, Wellness, and Green Energy provides Corporate Status Update.  

​​​​​​​​​​​On June 6, 2022, during a meeting headed at Gambia Consulate in Milano, Italy, Professor Francesco Cristina di Santannera, Counsellor of Gambia and the Msk Kinesis Foundation Representatives finalized the program for the HMNU/MSK Gambia Medical Humanitarian Mission 2022. Human Unitec International, Inc and MSK Kinesis Foundation are organizing volunteer Medical Doctors and ancillary personnel.

The Company will provide 6 MSK Kinesis/HMNU Medical machines and schedule the treatment of at least 400 patients designated for the treatment of pain. During the mission, the Volunteers Medical Doctors and ancillary personnel of the Foundation will provide education and training of medical and/or paramedic Gambian  personnel for the use of HMNU Medical apparel providing medical treatments according to the MSK Kinesis protocols. HMNU is organizing the financial support for the mission, as well additional financial support to the Gambian Health Institutions.

Human Unitec International and MSK Kinesis Foundation want to extend appreciation to Professor Francesco Cristina Di Santannera, Minister Counsellor, for his and his Country sincere and substantive support to this humanitarian mission. Since 2017, Human Unitec International, Inc. has provided t’s financial and technical support to the MSK Kinesis Foundation, a member of ESANGO, United Nations New York. MSK Kinesis medical equipment is being actively  marketed and deployed in Europe with its new line of medical pain management and degenerative disease treatment and is currently developing its United States and Canada commercial markets.

Located on the west coast of Africa, The Gambia is the smallest country on the African continent. Its entire territory borders the Gambia River, which divides the country into a northern and southern zone. It is a flat country whose maximum altitude is 300 meters and less than 50 kilometers wide.

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Human Unitec International, Inc., is a Project Finance, Management & Development for Sustainability, Medical, Wellness, and Green Energy. We are listed on the US OTC Market. (OTC Pink: HMNU).

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