Tip Top Jar is Reimagining How Freelancers Get Tipped Online With a Brand-New Platform

The online tip jar provides a channel for appreciation between the growing force of independent workers and their clients.

NEW YORK, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tip Top Jar is excited to announce that they are launching their online tipping platform.

With the rise of job layoffs and hiring freezes, more people are turning to freelance work every day. This will only continue to increase as economic uncertainty causes companies to rethink their hiring plans. In this world, the two most important currencies remain cash and data. Tip Top Jar - the female founded startup - provides their users with both.

"We're on a mission to nurture and support human ambition in a booming gig economy." 

- Kashmir Maryam, COO

Anyone can set up an account on Tip Top Jar in a few minutes and start sending out a personalized link to their clients and supporters who can show their appreciation with ease thanks to a clean and professional 'tip card'. Users receive access to their tipper's name and email addresses, and will own 100% of their tipper data. Tips go instantly into their bank account or PayPal.

The process of sending a virtual tip is also a delightful experience for tippers. When sending a user a tip, tippers are presented with a simple 1-click payment flow. The tipper has several payment methods to choose from based on their device, such as Apple Pay, Credit Card, PayPal, and more. Along with sending a tip, tippers can also leave a personalized message. These 'tipper notes' are displayed publicly on the users tip page, making the experience more interactive. Users can grow their community and receive payments at tiptopjar.com.

"The gig economy is expanding three times faster than the US workforce as a whole, which indicates a bright future for the gig economy," Kashmir Maryam, founder and COO of Tip Top Jar, explains. "Freelancers are now earning more than ever with an estimated $120 billion in tips sent online in 2021. At Tip Top Jar, we want to put the power back into the hands of the freelancer."

"We've spoken with numerous freelancers about the problems they face today, like how platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr take an enormous cut from tips and bonuses, impacting how much they get to take home. In closing the gap, Tip Top Jar is creating a better experience for both the beneficiary and the tipper, with assurance that their gesture of appreciation is being received in its entirety."

Maryam also gives us a glimpse of the future of the platform: "This is just the start. We're continuing to expand and are even trialing with restaurants using Tip Top Jar as a cashless tipping alternative."

To learn more about the tipping platform, click here.

Kashmir Maryam, COO of Tip Top Jar | hello@tiptopjar.com | Twitter

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User can manage their tips and tipper data on a convenient dashboard, and customize their tip card

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