Sir Gary Sze Kong Endorses Tom Suozzi for Governor of New York

NEW YORK, June 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Hero Foundation USA Chairman of the Board, President of the Sino American Commerce Association and World Summit Chairman, Sir Gary Sze Kong, recognizes Tom Suozzi for all his outstanding efforts and accomplishments as Mayor of Glen Cove, Long Island and endorses him in his race to become the next Governor of New York.

Sir Kong believes that Tom Suozzi is precisely what New York needs in these times. He admires Tom's dedication towards improving society and his instinctive ability to call out and stand boldly in the face of "political correctness." His transparent passion and long track record of achievements is why Sir Kong feels confident that Tom is the kind of Leader who can actually influence a positive difference.

One of Tom Suozzi's milestones was in 2001 when he became the first Democrat in 30 years to be elected Nassau County Executive. When it comes to policy, Suozzi is one of today's strongest advocates and sponsors in gun violence legislation and is known for "Suozzi's 15-Point Crime Intervention and Prevention Plan," which is designed to lower crime and get guns off the streets. He has introduced many other potential solutions as well, including a comprehensive plan called "Suozzi's Infrastructure Rebuilding and Modernization Plan" to help New York's $1.7 Trillion-dollar economy with sustainable infrastructure to minimize the looming risks of climate change. "Suozzi's Plan to Lower Property Taxes and Cut State Income Taxes by 10%," "Troubled Schools Transformation Plan," "Affordable Housing Expansion Plan," and "Government Accountability Plan" are more examples of why Sir Kong believes that Tom Suozzi should be elected as the next Governor. Long Island has been kept safe and has the best schools thanks to Tom.

Sir Gary Kong, a humble Chinese American Entrepreneur that came to the United States with no money in his pocket who strived to achieve "The American Dream" as he became a self-made real estate mogul and dedicated philanthropist with multiple prestigious awards, highly appreciates hard working Leaders such as Tom Suozzi, who successfully overcomes adversity and diligently perseveres in the face of challenging agendas and obstacles. He believes that Tom Suozzi is the key to creating a better and brighter future for everyone in New York.

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