PetFriendly Provides Safe and Affordable Flea & Tick Protection for Multi-pet Households

Omaha, June 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- June 21 marked the official start of summer and the Almanac is predicting hotter than normal temperatures throughout the United States (Almanac, 2022). For pet parents, this means finding vet-quality flea and tick protection that will keep their entire household safe from parasites and disease all summer long.

Unfortunately, flea and tick treatment can get expensive when factoring in shipping costs, vet visits, and multi-pet households. Further, the cumbersome nature of stocking treatments for pets of varying weight breaks makes remembering to apply each month even more difficult.

PetFriendly, a subscription pet care company, is providing pet owners with safe and affordable flea and tick treatment for cats and dogs. The direct-to-consumer company’s products are vet-formulated, EPA-approved, and made in the USA and Germany. 

The company personalizes each package with the pet’s name and photo. Additionally, the products follow a unique color system to help customers differentiate between treatment for cats and dogs. These strategic design decisions make it easy for multi-pet households to match and treat each pet with the right medication.

On the company’s Facebook page, one customer remarked, “This definitely works. And it’s so much easier to remember when to apply it since it just arrives monthly. Love the picture on the box too, this would definitely help prevent oopsies in multi-pet homes.”

PetFriendly’s flagship product starts at $12 per pet. However, the company recently released ‘Multi-Pet Pricing’ to help families keep all pets protected at an affordable price.

”We never want to create barriers for customers to be amazing pet parents, which is why we launched Multi-Pet Pricing,“ says Aaron Shaddy, Founder and CEO of PetFriendly. ”This tiered pricing model gives large households the ability to take care of their pets at an affordable rate each month.“

With this new model, customers will save $1 per treatment for every pet added (up to 5 pets) to their monthly subscription.

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About: PetFriendly is a subscription pet wellness company that provides safe, effective, and vet-quality pet care products for dogs and cats.

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