Maluku, LLC Introduces Eco-Friendly, Seashell-Based Wetsuits for Water Sports Enthusiasts

Maluku's Wetsuits Offer High-Performance Warmth, Flexibility and Durability Without Using Petroleum-based Neoprene

HAMILTON, Bermuda, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maluku LLC, a fully sustainable, water sports apparel company, announces the availability of its first products - the Maluku wetsuits - for retailers and consumers. Maluku wetsuits are made from calcium carbonate extracted from seashells diverted from landfills, thereby reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint.

Maluku was founded in 2021 with the initial purpose of developing sustainable wetsuits designed to extract waste from the planet by using a byproduct from the seafood industry. Manufactured with an all-natural biofoam, Maluku considers its wetsuits to have an environmentally net-positive product cycle. Because they use recycled or sustainable materials, provide a recycling pathway for consumers to return their wetsuits, and donate a portion of all sales directly towards restoring coral reefs in Indonesia, Maluku is enhancing the customer experience by turning consumers into regenerators.

Founder Gray Robinson, a Bermudian and international kitesurfing instructor, says, "After being confined to a wheelchair for a year, I developed the idea of a water sports apparel company that would improve the cleanliness of the oceans I love. It's simply not enough to stop destroying the planet. We need to protect it. We need to start restoring it. Our Maluku customers are special. By purchasing a Maluku product, they inherently become part of the solution to regenerate our oceans." 

Maluku is releasing four models of wetsuits for both men and women. Each model is named after a type of seashell: Villosa, Swifti, Elliptio and Calico. Initial orders will be taken through Maluku's Kickstarter campaign with delivery in early Fall 2022.

About Maluku

Maluku was founded in 2021 to revolutionize the water sports apparel industry. Its initial products, the Maluku seashell wetsuits, reimagine the product life cycle and transform consumers into regenerators with the ecological goal of improving life on our planet. By choosing eco-awesome, high-performance materials rather than dirty, petroleum-based neoprene products, Maluku intends to put people and the planet before profit while simultaneously providing the highest level of wetsuit quality. For more information, visit

Additional forthcoming products will include hats, sunglasses, board shorts and other apparel.

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