Bucksense Integrates to FatTail’s Deals Marketplace

Bucksense Uses Deals Marketplace to Boost Direct Deal Capabilities for Publishers and Advertisers

LOS ANGELES, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bucksense, an advertising technology company offering a DSP to advertisers and a self-serve platform to publishers, is integrating to the Deals Marketplace released last month by FatTail, an enterprise technology company that powers premium advertising supply for the world’s leading publishers.

By using the Deals Marketplace, Bucksense will allow publishers to present products, inventory, and pricing directly to advertisers in its self-serve platform. As a result, advertisers will be able to view real-time media opportunities and book campaigns directly into the publisher’s advertising systems of record. The integration will build on Deals Marketplace’s mission to increase access to upfront deals, maximizing revenue for publishers and securing prime inventory with preferred conditions for advertisers.

“Given the headwinds generated by third-party cookie deprecation and the privacy and fraud concerns that digital advertising faces, many expect the open market to shrink,” said FatTail CEO Doug Huntington. “More upfront deals via Deals Marketplace will deliver stronger revenue for publishers and safer, more transparent media for advertisers, offering an efficient, scalable alternative to both the open market and the walled gardens.”

For advertiser users of the Bucksense DSP, the integration means unprecedented access to premium publisher inventory, which they can now more easily programmatically transact on via upfront deals.

For publishers, Bucksense’s adoption of the Deals Marketplace means increasing demand via Bucksense’s direct-to-publisher (D2P) self-serve platform while automatically centralizing orders and workflows in their direct advertising platforms, eliminating revenue management and operational headaches.

“Our self-serve publisher partners can now holistically manage their offerings and automatically receive orders into their systems of record, which will streamline operations and expand revenue opportunities,” said Cristian Carnevale, CEO of Bucksense. “On the demand side, Bucksense will be able to build on its mission of centralizing digital advertising across channels, allowing advertisers to reach the prospective customers who matter without staking their businesses on high-cost channels where they have little control.”

Digital advertising is rife with predictions about the end of open web advertising. But advertisers are hungry for alternatives to the walled gardens — they just need the technology required to access premium inventory efficiently at scale. Partnerships like FatTail’s and Bucksense’s aim to do just that, laying the foundation for high-quality digital advertising environments that will spur value for media buyers and sellers alike.

About FatTail
FatTail is a global enterprise advertising technology company. We power the only unified direct and premium programmatic supply platform. Our cloud-based solutions give publishers total control of media planning, sales, and revenue across a wide variety of advertising products and channels and offers Demand Side Systems differentiated “top of the funnel” inventory supply from the world’s most trusted brands. FatTail is dedicated to helping professional journalism thrive by ensuring publishers retain more of each advertising dollar they produce. Learn more at www.FatTail.com.

About Bucksense
As a full-service partner with a strong background in digital advertising, Bucksense uses patented technology such as Bucksense DSP and Directopub to provide the ideal marketing solution for every specific industry and business goal.

Bucksense DSP combines the talent and expertise of a multidisciplinary team with the most advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology. Its human-centric approach makes it easy for marketers to easily manage their campaigns, while monitoring data and keeping control on spending, which makes it one of the key players within the programmatic landscape.

While the programmatic platform may be one of its best-known products, Bucksense has also developed other solutions, like Directopub, the only self-serve platform that enables publishers to fully automate sales, ad operations and creative management while offering total ad format flexibility.

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