YieldTopia The Futuristic DeFi Protocol Reveals Its Sustainable Yield Mechanism — Backed by Its Utility-Driven Ecosystem — Starts With 42,069% APY For Early Adopters! — $YIELD Token Presale July 13-15

Brooklyn, NY, July 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spotlight: the $YIELD token presale starts on July 13th – 15th,  $USDY early offering begins on July 16, $YIELD & $USDY launching on July 18 via PancakeSwap. Want to gain early access to $YIELD before it goes public? Go to: https://buy.yieldtopia.finance/

Introduction To YieldTopia

YieldTopia is a new protocol built from the ground up that provides sustainable and profitable high APY returns, with enhanced features like deflationary APY, referral program, auto-staking, and auto-compounding. Backed by a utility-driven ecosystem designed to scale. What makes YieldTopia different is the mechanism behind the protocol, besides having an incredible APY that starts at 42,069% (Deflationary APY), YieldTopia offers a variety of useful utility DApps that were designed to support the protocol.

YieldTopia was designed to be scalable and sustainable. YieldTopia achieved that by building an ecosystem surrounding the protocol and its native token $YIELD that’s focused on constantly generating additional value to the protocol and the YieldTopians (community members), unlike other DeFi platforms like Celsius, BlockFi, AnchorProtocol, who solely counted on a green market. Within the ecosystem: $USDY stablecoin, $YIELD native token, YieldNfts: NFT marketplace, YieldSwap: DEX, YieldPad: Launchpad, Governance Dashboard, and the futuristic YieldTopia yield protocol.

YieldTopia was created by crypto enthusiasts and financial experts who understand economics, and believe that people should profit off of their own money, not the banks. “We made it our mission to create a safe and sustainable protocol that’s profitable to its investors” — Says Mark the CEO of YieldTopia. YieldTopia passed a security audit and core-team KYC verification by InterFi an independent security company (audit & KYC report). Learn more about YieldTopia vs Traditional Banks: “Top U.S. Banks APY vs YieldTopia ’s APY — Which one is better? We did the math and the results are shocking! — Click to find out  — YieldTopia.finance” (source: https://docs.yieldtopia.finance/introduction/yieldtopia-vs-banks)

Exclusive ‘YieldTopian Membership Card’ (NFT)

That’s not all that YieldTopia is ALREADY offering its community. What really surprised us is the ‘YieldTopian Membership Card’, an exclusive NFT that grants selected community members special benefits across the entire ecosystem & its partners. When we learned about the benefits behind the rare membership card it made us want to immediately obtain one, here is why:

Membership Benefits

- First access to Beta applications

- Early access to $USDY stablecoin & $YIELD token

- Beneficial airdrops to YieldTopian Membership Card holders

- YieldNFTs: NO platform fees when buying or selling NFTs

- YieldSwap: NO platform fees when swapping tokens via YieldSwap

- YieldPad: NO platform fees when participating in pre-sales

- Governance: Double voting power

- Staking & Farming Pools: Access to members-only staking & farming pools

- Unique VIP title on YieldTopia’s chats (Telegram & Discord)

Future Benefits:

- Physical & Digital Debit Card: attached to your $YIELD & $USDY wallet.

- IRL Private Events: private yacht parties, private club parties, outdoor events, and collaborations with partners’ private events.

Deeper Dive into the YieldTopia Ecosystem

$YIELD Token: https://YieldTopia.finance

Presale: July 13-15 (link) - Launch: July 18 (3PM EST)

Contract Address: 0xA3a3D699B0a3a027d32C8d5040352ddE1b8A8106

$YIELD is YieldTopia’s native token and the main token used within the whole ecosystem. All YieldTopia’s utilities are focused on benefiting $YIELD and its holders. The incredible yield protocol that YieldTopia is known for requires investors to use $YIELD in order to participate in staking & farming pools, and generate the high deflationary APY rewards given in $YIELD. In addition, $YIELD can be used for lending & borrowing, governance voting, providing liquidity, swapping between popular cryptocurrencies, and earning a portion of YieldTopia’s profits simply for holding $YIELD.

Buy Tax 9%: 2% Liquidity Growth, 3% Capital Insurance Fund (CIF), 3% Treasury Fund, 1% Firepit

Sell Tax 13%: 3% Liquidity Growth, 5% Capital Insurance Fund (CIF), 4% Treasury Fund, 1% Firepit

$USDY Stablecoin:

Contract Address: 0x4ce8a9DD76af01fe95C6F182a8305f3890132356

$USDY is a decentralized stablecoin that is crypto-pegged in a decentralized way with $BUSD, at a 1:1 ratio. “$BUSD is rated as the most reliable stablecoin in the crypto space, considering that it is owned by Binance the biggest crypto exchange in the world, we agree with that statement.” — Says Mark the CEO of YieldTopia. Holders of $USDY will benefit from a portion of all YieldTopia’s profits, access to lending, borrowing, liquidity providing on YieldSwap, and more. YieldTopian Membership Card holders get early access to $USDY. 0% Buy/Sell Tax.

Governance: https://vote.YieldTopia.finance

YieldTopia’s Governance allows the community to create proposals, and vote on the most important decisions regarding the ecosystem. Proposal examples: changing taxes, platform fees, referral program, development roadmap, treasury fund allocations, etc. The team will make changes/adjustments based on what the vast majority of YieldTopia’s community wants. YieldTopian Membership Card holders get 2x the voting power.

YieldSwap (DEX): https://YieldSwap.finance

YieldTopia’s Swap is a branded decentralized exchange provided by YieldTopia. All platform fees collected are sent to YieldTopia’s liquidity pool, insurance fund, and treasury fund, providing additional backing to the $YIELD token. YieldTopian Membership Card holders will not be charged any platform fees.

YieldNFTs (NFT Market): https://YieldNFTs.finance

YieldNFTs is an open market that allows users to view, list, buy, or sell their NFTs and NFT Collections. The marketplace supports the following blockchains: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon. What makes YieldNFTs unique is the extremely low platform fees in comparison with other NFT marketplaces, offering even some popular collections like the BoredApeYachtClub 0% platform fees. YieldTopian Membership Card holders will not be charged any platform fees.

YieldPad (Launchpad): https://YieldPad.finance

YieldPad is a niche-focused launchpad by YieldTopia. Its main goal is to list quality Yield related projects that are safe and vetted by the YieldTopia team. YieldTopian Membership Card holders will not be charged any platform fees.

YieldTopia’s Sustainable Yield Protocol:

Starting With 42,069% APY for the first adopters
Dashboard: https://app.YieldTopia.finance

Key Factors of the Mechanism

- Referral Program

- Automatic Rebase Every 30 Mins APY

- Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding

- Anti-Dump Protection (ADP)

- Capital Insurance Fund (CIF)

- Fire-Pit Burn Mechanism (FPB)

- Treasury Fund & Governance Control

- Deflationary APY System (projections below)

Automatic Rebase, Deflationary APY, Auto-Compounding:

YieldTopia rewards holders with a deflationary APY that starts at 42,069% Annual Percentage Yield. Multiple functions work in conjunction to make this sustainable (as mentioned on the introduction page). This is achieved by a sophisticated Rebase Mechanism. All token holders receive rewards, every 30 minutes, and it includes auto-staking & auto-compounding features. The APY goes through a deflationary process known as halving, every 30 days the APY will be reduced by 10% from what it was previously, providing additional sustainability to the protocol.

Referral Program:

The referral program is YieldTopia’s way to offer the community an incentive to further spread the word about the ecosystem. For every successful referral, you will earn 1.5% of your referee’s buy/sell transactions, and they will earn a lifetime of 0.5% discount off their transaction taxes. To get your own referral link: http://app.yieldtopia.finance/referral

Anti-Dump Protection (ADP):

As you probably already know new crypto assets, especially during their initial stages can be extremely beneficial to early adopters, but may be exposed to “pump and dump” by bots or malicious traders. YieldTopia has a solution for that, the team created the ultimate safeguard against pump-n-dumps, protecting all YieldTopians and their investments. There is an anti-dump system implemented (hard-coded) into the $YIELD contract source code, where holders can sell between 5% — and — 20% per day. The selling allowance is determined based on the trading volume of the token at that specific moment. Wallet to wallet transfers are disabled in the $YIELD contract to prevent traders from bypassing the ADP system. The community can adjust the % by proposing new options via the Governance dashboard.

Capital Insurance Fund (CIF):

The Capital Insurance Fund (CIF) is a key factor that supports the APY system. CIF gets its capital from a portion of YieldTopia’s dApps platform fees, and from the 3%(buy) — 5%(sell) $YIELD transaction tax. The team uses the Insurance Fund for $YIELD buy-backs, and those tokens will be burnt to reduce the circulating supply and increase the value of $YIELD.

Fire-Pit: Burn Mechanism:

The firepit mechanism was meant to support $YIELD and its sustainability as needed, for example, if there was a large selling pressure, a market downtrend, etc the firepit mechanism will step in and burn $YIELD tokens collected through the 1% tax out of the supply.

Treasury Fund & Governance:

The treasury fund gets its capital from the 3%(buy) — 4%(sell) transaction tax dedicated for that. This fund is dedicated to marketing, development, and other growth efforts. What is unique about the way YieldTopia handles the treasury fund is that it allows the community to choose how to allocate those funds using the Governance dashboard. For example, if a holder thinks that X outlet should be paid for some type of marketing promotion, they can simply create a proposal and if it passes the team will act accordingly! The treasury fund is 100% dedicated to building and scaling YieldTopia.

ℹ️ Deflationary APY Projections:

For the full APY Projection list click here.

Join The Community!
Website: https://YieldTopia.finance
Whitepaper: https://docs.yieldtopia.finance
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/YieldTopiaChat
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/YieldTopiaChannel
Medium / Blog: https://medium.com/@YieldTopia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YieldTopia
Instagram: https://instagram.com/YieldTopia

YieldTopia dApps:
YieldTopia Dashboardhttps://app.YieldTopia.finance
YieldNFTs (NFT Market): https://YieldNFTs.finance
YieldSwap (DEX): https://YieldSwap.finance
YieldPad (Launchpad): https://YieldPad.finance


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