Mvix Integrates Google Nest Camera to Assist Small Business Back-Office Operations

In an effort to support the small business challenges of affordability and scalability, Mvix has integrated Google's Nest Cam to track and monitor workplace productivity.

STERLING, Va., July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mvix, a leading provider of Pro-AV solutions, has announced the integration of the Google Nest Camera with their cloud-based digital signage software, Mvix CMS, to display live camera feeds on signage screens. With the combination of Mvix's end-to-end digital signage systems and the affordable cost of the commercial-grade cameras, small businesses can implement scalable IoT (Internet of Things) technology delivering beneficial real-time data for back-office operations.

As a pioneer in the digital signage industry, Mvix recognizes the challenges small businesses face and their inability in leveraging IoT technology. Rising inflation costs and lack of fundamental data produced by tracking and monitoring backend operations cripple businesses from deploying affordable tools and preventing workplace errors. As a result, Mvix has integrated Google Nest with its content management software, assembling a cost-effective solution for monitoring workplace activity. 

"Small and mid-sized businesses are power users of our systems," said Mike Kilian, Executive Vice President at Mvix. "These owners and operators have been calling for a secure and seamless way to monitor back-office ops for some time. Mvix is proud to answer that call with this addition to our innovative content app portfolio." 

After deploying Google Nest Cam to the desired area of monitoring and integrating with Mvix CMS software, full-screen live video can be displayed or imputed in zones to show a smaller monitoring screen alongside other interactive content. Google Nest Cam also uses encrypted video, two-step verification, and enhanced security through a Google account to maintain privacy and security with each system. 

Small yet instrumental Google Nest Cams can monitor manufacturing facilities and their production lines or loading docks to correct timing lags or prevent workplace injuries. School administration can utilize the activity zone feature to receive alerts and video playback upon movement detection in hallways. Lastly, corporate security can manage and monitor parking garages on digital signage screens at their desks. 

Other small businesses that can utilize this integration include:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Local Government Institutions
  • Boutique Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts
  • Salon Suites
  • Worship Venues
  • Sports Centers

"Google Nest Cam offers small businesses an unprecedented open door to IoT," noted Kilian. "Integration with Mvix CMS provides a scalable, affordable, solution for businesses to thrive."

Integration of Google Nest Cam is now available on Mvix CMS v3, along with an array of other integrations supporting back-end operations like Power BI, Analytics, Queue Management, and more. To learn more about the Mvix software and other features, contact a Solutions Consultant at 866.310.4923.

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