NavigateIO Graduates from NEC X Corporate Accelerator Program with First Responder Smart Tracking Technology

Award-winning localization technology speeds rescue time by 60%

PALO ALTO, Calif. and PRINCETON, N.J., July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NEC X, the innovation accelerator for NEC's emerging technologies, and NEC Laboratories America announced today that NavigateIO is the sixth startup to graduate from the NEC X Corporate Accelerator Program (CAP). NavigateIO is launching a first commercialized product from a unique infrastructure-free, real-time localization technology, supported by NEC Labs America, that first responders use to track and monitor their crew during emergencies. Four firehouses have validated NavigateIO in proof of concept with great success. 

According to Battalion Chief Jason Hatfield, San Rafael, Calif. Fire Department, "In a firefighter mayday drill, I was able to track the location of my firefighters inside the structure on the screen." Adds Scott Rauch, CFPS, Fire Official/District Administrator, Jackson, NJ Fire District No. 2, "We achieved 1.5 minutes of rescue time with NavigateIO versus 4.5 minutes with no tracking system for our training."

NavigateIO is an excellent example of an advanced technology developed at NEC Labs America, the US-based center for NEC's global network of corporate research laboratories. NavigateIO proactively locates personnel and communicates with mission control visually, precisely, and in real-time without needing GPS. The ability for commanders to constantly visualize the location of their entire crew during emergencies improves safety and decision-making. NavigateIO works for both inside structure fires and in wildfire situations. NavigateIO can also be utilized by police/SWAT crews and the military.

"We are pleased to have incubated, helped develop and commercialize NavigateIO's smart tracking solution in our program," said Shige Ihara, CEO of NEC X. "And with the increasing number of emergencies like wildfires and the rise in law and order situations like active shooter incidents, the urgency for technology that will potentially help coordinate during these mission-critical operations has elevated,” continued Shige Ihara. “NavigateIO’s leadership team is passionate and ambitious, with over 20 letters of intent, four customer validation trials already accomplished, and $4 million in revenue in the pipeline. We wish NavigateIO great success as they graduate our CAP and spin out of NEC X.” 

“NavigateIO is a self-contained smart tracking device that is not limited like other solutions traditionally used, which tend to be verbal, periodic, and inaccurate,” said NavigateIO Co-Founder and CEO Sukhi Lamba. “Having been a survivor of the Tubbs fire in 2017, I witnessed the need for better coordination and trackability among firefighters. That experience inspired me to develop a smart tracking solution to help first responders improve safety and reduce rescue time. It was great to collaborate with NEC Labs America to develop and validate location tracking technology with our customers."

In addition to graduating from the NEC X program, NavigateIO completed the TELUS Community Safety & Wellness Accelerator program in April 2022 and graduated from the Alchemist Accelerator program in May 2022. It also won a NIST Sponsored First Responder Smart Tracking Challenge Top Tier Awards - Phase One in March 2022 and Phase Two in May 2022. The challenge required the successful demonstration of first responder indoor localization and tracking within 1-meter accuracy in various buildings without any pre-deployed infrastructure. 

NavigateIO is looking to scale and grow with additional funding and sales. More information about NavigateIO can be found at: Inquiries can be directed to

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