CubyFun launches JOYO smart board game on Kickstarter following $1.5M investment round

Dover, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JOYO, a smart board game created by CubyFun, has arrived on Kickstarter.

Standing at the convergence of technology and tabletop gaming, CubyFun adds the element of cutting-edge technology to classic board games, increasing accessibility and fun for everyone. The Covid-19 pandemic has elevated consumers’ expectation of digitization across industries, especially in entertainment. Meeting that demand, JOYO imbues AI smarts into six fun, easy-to-learn games centered around the JOYO console.  Whether players are looking to host an awesome game night, spend time with family, or even unwind on their own, JOYO has something for every occasion.

Players can choose between six carefully crafted games, each with its distinct artwork, board, and play style:

  • Recon - Quick, find all the hidden planes before the timer expires.
  • OhMind! - Flex your mental might with this fast-paced test of concentration, memory, and reaction time.
  • Unlocko - Navigate a mystical forest and find the code to unlock a hidden magical door.
  • Right Here! - Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? The player who finds the most loot wins!
  • Nectar - Become a wizard! Compete with other players to collect ingredients for your magic potion, but beware of hidden traps!
  • Ghost Sweeper - Use your power of deduction to capture fallen souls and unlock hidden resources.

Even as digital gaming takes the world by storm, board games remain an ever-popular choice for spending quality time with friends and family. Unfortunately, they did not keep pace with the advancement of technology, limiting their potential. JOYO’s AI system breaks that barrier with unparalleled immersion and engagement, helping to close the social gap exacerbated by the pandemic.

“We want to build a fun, inclusive arena for everyone to participate in regardless of their age, gender, and cultural background,” said KW, CubyFun CEO. “JOYO’s unmatched interactivity brings friendly competition for casual and seasoned players alike.”

JOYO seamlessly weaves technology into its gameplay. Powering the games is the JOYO console piloted by one of four adorable avatars: Captain Kio, Egby, Lay-Z bear and a secret character based on community feedback. Equipped with smart sensors, the JOYO console features lightning-fast responsiveness, easily keeping pace with the game's flow while boosting immersion with its unique lighting and sound effects. Its rechargeable battery easily lasts through a lengthy game night session.

Designed to be more than just a board game, JOYO is a platform that offers limitless creative potential. CubyFun is actively collaborating with international creators to develop new games for JOYO. When a new game is released, the player only needs to acquire the game set and update the JOYO console through the POLY app available on iOS. In addition to delivering updates, POLY also lets players customize the JOYO’s brilliant RGB lighting and, more importantly, provides a software development kit so anyone can design their games on JOYO.

JOYO is available in a Starter Kit with three games for $99, and an All-In kit with all six games for $199. As a part of the Kickstarter super early bird special, the Starter kit is available for $49 and the All-In kit is available for $99.

Visit JOYO’s Kickstarter page to learn more.

About CubyFun

CubyFun( is a technology startup founded by technology leaders and visionaries from established tech companies such as DJI. With accessibility as its guiding focus, CubyFun brings games that convey fun and inspire creativity at affordable prices. Its products are the perfect mixture of art, entertainment, and technology that forge stronger relationships and break down social barriers. The company has already partnered with eight design studios and has recently attracted $1.5 million in its angel investment round, which will go towards accelerating its innovation roadmap.


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