mRNA Platform Global Market Report 2022: Rising Incidence of Coronavirus Cases Drive the Market Demand

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Beyond Covid-19, mRNA-based therapies hold promise for combatting cancer, infectious diseases such as malaria and flu, and rare genetic diseases. Results from early animal testing demonstrates the ability of mRNA-based therapeutics to provide protection against viruses such as influenza, Zika and rabies.

With the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against Covid-19, there is heightened research interest in pursuing mRNA platform for treating infectious diseases, for example, BioNTech is preparing to launch the first vaccine for malaria based on mRNA technology with plans to conduct clinical testing by the end of 2022. Similarly, Moderna also announced plans to conduct human trials for an HIV vaccine.

Currently, of the total 44 ongoing clinical trials of mRNA vaccines, 23 of them are aimed at infectious diseases. Cancer research has used mRNA platform to trigger the immune system to target specific cancer cells. Currently, there are many clinical trials underway utilizing mRNA vaccines for various cancers.

Most of the mRNA cancer vaccine trials are targeting tumors such as melanoma and kidney cancer. An mRNA vaccine could be custom-made to match the genetic signature of an individual`s cancer. This personalized mRNA vaccine could be used following surgery to program the immune system to search out and destroy any residual cancer cells, and thus prevent the cancer from recurring.

For instance, the pipelines of Moderna and BioNTech include drug trials for treating cancers of the brain, breast, prostate, pancreas, lung, skin and other tissues. The mRNA vaccines market is projected to receive notable contribution from the cancer segment that is estimated to claim the leading revenue share over the coming years. The segment`s growth is augmented by increasing incidence of cancer. The condition remains one of the major causes of mortalities globally, with the number of new cases annually exceeding 23.6 million by the year 2030.

mRNA is also being pursued to aid in rapid development of drugs for rare diseases. Recent advancements in the structural composition of mRNA have led the scientific community to swiftly embrace it as a new drug to deliver missing genes to organs. The pipelines of Moderna, CureVac and BioNTech, three major biopharmaceutical companies, cover heart diseases, metabolic diseases and immunomodulators for applications in immuno-oncology.

The introduction of synthetic mRNA into human cells opens scope for a replacement therapeutic option for conditions known for defective or inadequate synthesis of key proteins. The approach holds significant potential over protein replacement and gene therapies owing to its lower risk, affordability and less frequent dosage.

mRNA can be used as protein replacement therapy to treat diseases caused by a lack of protein, or by defective proteins. Many mRNA-based protein replacement therapies are under development for the heart, lungs and liver..

Select Competitors (Total 96 Featured) -

  • BioNTech AG
  • CureVac AG
  • Dicerna Pharmaceuticals
  • eTheRNA Immunotherapies
  • ethris GmbH
  • In-Cell-Art
  • Moderna, Inc.
  • Regulus Therapeutics
  • Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Tiba Biotech
  • Translate Bio, Inc.

Key Topics Covered:






  • Rising Incidence of Coronavirus Cases Drive the Market Demand
  • Increasing Prevalence of Infectious & Chronic Conditions to Unleash Gains & Help mRNA Vaccines Market Gallop Ahead
  • mRNA Vaccines Development for Other Infectious Diseases and Therapeutic Areas Gains Momentum
  • Aging Demographics Add to the Global Burden of Chronic Diseases, Presenting Opportunities for the Market
  • Increasing Healthcare Expenditure to Foster Market Growth
  • Consistent Increase in Risks and Threats from Infections Drive Healthy Market Growth
  • Global Number of Deaths Caused Due to Communicable Diseases (In 000s)
  • Regulatory Landscape for mRNA Vaccines
  • Regulatory Pathway Dealing with mRNA Vaccines
  • mRNA Vaccine Patent Scenario
  • The Best Route of Administration for mRNA Vaccines
  • CDC Study on Vaccine Effectiveness States mRNA Vaccines Offer More Protective Benefits than other Vaccines (March, 2021)
  • mRNA Cancer Vaccines
    • Cancer Vaccines Vs. Immunotherapies
    • Clinical Trials of mRNA Encoding Immunostimulants
    • mRNA Vaccines Vs. DNA Vaccines
    • Clinical Trials of mRNA Encoding TAAs
    • mRNA Vaccines Vs. Other Vaccines
    • Clinical Trials of mRNA Vaccines Encoding Neoantigens (Neo-Ag)
    • mRNA Benefits Profile
    • mRNA Vaccines for Covid-19 Pave the Way
  • Challenges
  • Personalized mRNA Vaccine
  • Clinical Overview of mRNA Cancer Vaccines
  • mRNA encoding Immunostimulants
  • mRNA vaccine encoding tumor-associated antigens
  • mRNA vaccine encoding Neoantigen, personalized vaccine
  • mRNA Influenza Vaccines
  • Perpetual Evolution of Influenza Viruses Makes mRNA a Fascinating Vaccine Platform
  • Vaccines Built on mRNA
  • Clinical Trials for mRNA Vaccines
  • mRNA Vaccine as Game Changer for Flu Viruses Eluding Conventional Vaccine Efforts
  • mRNA: A Next-Generation Vaccination Approach
  • Moderna Moves Ahead to Brew Novel mRNA Vaccines for Influenza & Other Viruses
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Technology to Foster Development of Effective Flu Shots
  • mRNA Vaccines Vs. Other Flu Shots
  • mRNA Technology, H/N Spike Proteins & Clinical Trials
  • mRNA Technology: A Suitable Candidate for Universal & Effective Influenza Vaccines
  • Benefits & Limitations of mRNA Vaccines over Traditional Options




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