Outlook on the Vehicle Telematics Hardware Global Market to 2026 - Insights from 30 New Executive Interviews with Market Leading Companies

Dublin, July 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "The Global Vehicle Telematics Hardware Market 1st Edition" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This report focuses on the hardware part of the connected vehicle value chain, including device form factors such as blackboxes, OBD dongles and TCUs.

The analyst estimates that total shipments of telematics devices reached 95.0 million units worldwide in 2021. Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 10.9 percent, shipments are expected to reach 159.3 million units in 2026. The report covers both the aftermarket and OEM segments for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Get up to date with the latest industry trends in this new 160-page strategy report.

Highlights from the report:

  • Insights from 30 new executive interviews with market leading companies.
  • Comprehensive overview of the vehicle telematics hardware value chain and key applications.
  • In-depth analysis of market trends and key developments.
  • New profiles of 96 aftermarket and OEM vehicle telematics hardware vendors.
  • Summary of the involvement of vehicle OEMs and mobile operators.
  • New data on vehicle populations and new vehicle registrations worldwide.
  • Market forecasts by region lasting until 2026.

This report answers the following questions:

  • Which are the leading providers of aftermarket telematics devices?
  • Which are the leading vendors of OEM telematics devices?
  • Which are the drivers and barriers on the global vehicle telematics hardware market?
  • Which are the dominant technology form factors?
  • How will the global vehicle telematics hardware market evolve over the next five years?
  • How will the market evolve in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and MEA?
  • Will OEM telematics solutions outcompete aftermarket vehicle telematics in the long term?
  • Which are the key future trends in this industry?

Report ranks the leading vehicle telematics hardware suppliers

Close to 42.0 million aftermarket telematics devices were shipped globally during 2021, a market valued at approximately € 2.2 billion. The performance of the market was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the supply chain crisis, but the setbacks are expected to be temporary. Until 2026, annual shipments of aftermarket hardware are forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12 percent to reach 72.8 million at the end of the forecast period.

The analyst estimates at the same time that global shipments of OEM telematics hardware for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles reached close to 53.0 million units in 2021 corresponding to a market value of € 7.8 billion. A combination of commercial and regulatory drivers now encourages a broader set of carmakers to expand the availability of connected car services across geographies and market segments. There are also numerous OEM telematics offerings from commercial vehicle manufacturers. The attach rate of embedded telematics units among passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles is forecasted to increase from about 64 percent in 2021 to 85 percent in 2026.

"The analyst ranks Jimi/Concox as the market leader in the aftermarket telematics hardware segment reaching sales of around 6.0 million units in 2021", said Martin Svegander, Senior Analyst. Other vendors that hold significant market shares are Queclink, CalAmp, Teltonika and Meta System. These five vendors generated together approximately € 630 million in annual revenues from the sales of aftermarket telematics hardware.

Queclink has grown rapidly during the past couple of years and sold more than 4.0 million telematics devices in 2021. "Other significant aftermarket telematics hardware vendors include the North American companies Xirgo Technologies (Sensata), Danlaw and Positioning Universal; the Asian vendors Gosuncn, Neoway, Suntech International, GoSafe, Sinocastel and ATrack and the European vendors Ruptela, Munic and Vem Solutions", continued Mr. Svegander.

The design and development of OEM telematics systems is complex as these have to integrate with vehicle systems, fulfil strict quality standards and ensure performance during the long lifecycle of a vehicle model. The suppliers of OEM telematics equipment are generally established automotive suppliers that develop their solutions in cooperation with car manufacturers. "Shipments of OEM telematics hardware for passenger cars and light trucks amounted to about 49.0 million in 2021, representing more than 92 percent of the total OEM telematics hardware shipments", said Mr. Svegander.

The leading OEM telematics hardware vendors in terms of unit shipments are therefore found in the passenger car and light truck OEM telematics segment. Examples of leading automotive suppliers of OEM telematics hardware include LG Electronics, Continental, Harman, Marelli, Denso, Bosch, Aptiv, Visteon and Actia.

Who should read this report?

The Global Vehicle Telematics Hardware Market is the foremost source of information about the passenger car and commercial vehicle telematics hardware market for both aftermarket and OEM installation. Whether you are a telematics hardware vendor, vehicle telematics service provider, vehicle manufacturer, telecom operator, investor, consultant, or government agency, you will gain valuable insights from our in-depth research.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive summary

1 The passenger car and commercial vehicle market
1.1 Introduction
1.1.1 Vehicles in use by region
1.1.2 New vehicle registration trends
1.2 Automotive and commercial vehicle telematics
1.2.1 Vehicle management
1.2.2 Vehicle diagnostics and maintenance planning
1.2.3 Security tracking
1.3 Aftermarket and OEM telematics infrastructure
1.3.1 Vehicle segment
1.3.2 Tracking segment
1.3.3 Network segment

2 Market forecasts and trends
2.1 Aftermarket telematics hardware forecast
2.1.1 The aftermarket telematics hardware vendor market shares
2.1.2 Aftermarket telematics hardware market analysis and forecasts
2.2 OEM telematics hardware forecast
2.2.1 Leading OEM telematics hardware vendors
2.2.2 OEM telematics hardware market analysis and forecasts
2.3 Value chain analysis
2.3.1 Automotive industry players
2.3.2 Telematics industry players
2.3.3 Telecom industry players
2.4 Market trends
2.4.1 OEM SVT services compete with aftermarket services in many countries
2.4.2 Remote control features become standard
2.4.3 Telematics hardware vendors expand into the software space
2.4.4 The electrification trend boosts the adoption of OEM telematics hardware
2.4.5 V2X technology becomes integrated into OEM telematics hardware
2.4.6 The regulatory environment has driven the adoption of OEM telematics

3 Company profiles and strategies
3.1 Specialised aftermarket hardware vendors
3.1.1 666GPS (Guangzhou Xingwei Information Technology)
3.1.2 ATrack
3.1.3 Advantech
3.1.4 Aplicom
3.1.5 Arya Omnitalk
3.1.6 ArusNavi
3.1.7 Atlanta Systems
3.1.8 Auto Leaders (Sinotrack)
3.1.9 Bitrek
3.1.10 Bofan Information Technology
3.1.11 CalAmp
3.1.12 Coban Electronics
3.1.13 Danlaw
3.1.14 Digital Communications Technologies (DCT)
3.1.15 Digital Matter
3.1.16 Eelink Communication Technology
3.1.17 ERM Advanced Telematics
3.1.18 G7 Networks
3.1.19 Galileosky
3.1.20 Geometris
3.1.21 Gosafe
3.1.22 Gosuncn WeLink
3.1.23 Huabao Electronics Technology
3.1.24 Hua Sheng
3.1.25 IAV
3.1.26 iTriangle
3.1.27 iWave
3.1.28 Jimi (Concox)
3.1.29 Jointech
3.1.30 Kingwo
3.1.31 Lantronix
3.1.32 LK-GPS (LHYK Communication Technology)
3.1.33 Maxtrack
3.1.34 Meitrack
3.1.35 Meta System
3.1.36 Micronet
3.1.37 Munic
3.1.38 Navtelecom
3.1.39 NetModule (Belden)
3.1.40 Neoway
3.1.41 Neomatica
3.1.42 Omnicomm
3.1.43 PCL Technology
3.1.44 PFK Electronics
3.1.45 Positioning Universal
3.1.46 PowerFleet (Cellocator)
3.1.47 Quake Global
3.1.48 Quartix
3.1.49 Queclink Wireless Solutions
3.1.50 Questar Auto Technologies.
3.1.51 Redtail Telematics
3.1.52 Ruptela
3.1.53 Sierra Wireless
3.1.54 Sinocastel
3.1.55 Suntech International
3.1.56 Squarell Technology
3.1.57 TechnoKom
3.1.58 Teltonika
3.1.59 Trakm8
3.1.60 Tramigo
3.1.61 ThinkRace
3.1.62 TOPFLYtech
3.1.63 TotemTech
3.1.64 Ulbotech
3.1.65 Vem Solutions (Viasat Group)
3.1.66 Voyomotive
3.1.67 Volty
3.1.68 Xirgo Technologies (Sensata)
3.2 Vertically integrated telematics and fleet management vendors
3.2.1 Connected Cars
3.2.2 Cox Automotive and Cox2M
3.2.3 Directed Electronics Australia
3.2.4 Fleet Complete
3.2.5 Geotab
3.2.6 IMS
3.2.7 Ituran
3.2.9 Motive
3.2.10 Omnitracs
3.2.11 PassTime GPS
3.2.12 Procon Analytics
3.2.13 Samsara
3.2.14 SareKon
3.2.15 Spireon
3.2.16 Webfleet Solutions
3.3 OEM telematics hardware suppliers
3.3.1 Actia
3.3.2 Aptiv
3.3.3 Bosch
3.3.4 Continental
3.3.5 Denso
3.3.6 Harman
3.3.7 Lear
3.3.8 LG Electronics
3.3.9 Marelli
3.3.10 Valeo
3.3.11 Visteon
3.3.12 Other OEM telematics hardware vendors

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