Vibrant Media Releases Sell-Side Contextual Targeting Solution

New Offering Empowers Publishers with More Granular and Customized Categorization

NEW YORK, July 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vibrant Media, the technology company that addresses the full range of agencies’ and marketers’ contextual data and privacy-safe advertising needs, today announced its sell-side solution within the Quintesse platform. Publisher ad network,, is an early adopter of the solution, leveraging it to more granularly categorize its publishers’ pages in real-time and push the contextual inventory key-values into the programmatic ecosystem., which works with publishers like, and Aller Media, has offered its publishers contextual categorization and targeting capabilities to help diversify their revenue streams for more than 10 years. By integrating the Vibrant Media Quintesse platform into their network, their publishers with content on a broad range of topics are able to categorize their pages with unprecedented precision. Campaigns that applied Quintesse have seen up to double engagement rates for the publishers’ advertisers which ultimately leads to higher ad fill rates and more revenue for the content creators.

Henrik Sørensen, digital client director with, said, “For many years, contextual targeting has been successful for our publishers to create value for their advertisers. As the effectiveness of third-party data and cookies continue to decline, integrating the Vibrant Media Quintesse platform with our publishers allows them to categorize their content with more precision than ever before. Vibrant Media sell-side contextual targeting is incredibly advanced and a proven money maker for our publisher partners.”

Vibrant Media sell-side solution’s real-time page categorization allows publishers to offer highly customized contextual targeting solutions. Each page categorization is stored in Google Ad Manager (GAM) as a key-value. The platform’s technology provides a true semantic, sentiment and emotional tone recognition. With this new solution, publishers can offer advanced contextual targeting tied to timely content like an event or specific content related to a product that has either a positive or negative tone.

Vibrant Media’s Quintesse platform goes far beyond static URL-analysis and basic keyword targeting by contextualizing the entire page, including dynamic content, such as the comment sections at the end of a page. This new solution allows publishers to automate the process of adding and maintaining relevant key-values in the programmatic framework. Every time a page is updated, the solution automatically categorizes publishers' pages so they are selling granularly targeted inventory.

Sebastian Collorafi, senior publisher solutions manager (EMEA) at Vibrant Media, said, “Supporting the sell-side and quality journalism is a fundamental value at Vibrant Media. As demand for contextual solutions continues to grow, it was a natural evolution of our technology to integrate our advanced contextual targeting platform with publishers to help them categorize their content with more granularity to drive results for relevant advertisers.”

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About Vibrant Media
Vibrant Media is a technology company that addresses the full range of agencies’ and marketers’ contextual data and privacy safe-advertising needs through an engagement-based ad network and data targeting at scale across the global bidstream. Vibrant Media includes its pioneering contextual ad network and its contextual data and targeting platform, Quintesse.

The ad network helps its global list of partnering publishers drive incremental revenue and offers highly-viewable, engaging and inherently opt-in ad formats. Quintesse offers a deeper understanding of relevancy and brand suitability to empower advertisers to curate inventory at scale from across the global bidstream to create custom brand marketplaces.

The global company has local teams in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. For more information, visit or

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