The founder of Gogo Capital International Sachin Bishnoi develops the three main fundamental pillars for investment purposes.

Gogo Capital International is established by Sachin Bishnoi. It is an emerging infrastructure and Web3 Investment Venture Capital making waves in the industry. Recently, the founder has proposed a new entrepreneurial strategy with three fundamental points.

MUMBAI, INDIA, July 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gogo Capital International offers its expertise in applying fundamental analysis to crypto assets. The company adopts an active approach and partners with teams to bootstrap necessary network effects for them to scale. At the same time, the team provides invaluable thought leadership and guidance on critical aspects such as token economics, governance scaling, and community building. It believes investing is more than just a standalone transaction.

In the recent development, Sachin Bishnoi, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Gogo Capital International, proposed a new strategy for entrepreneurship with three essential points.

Sachin Bishnoi is a young entrepreneur who loves to follow his dreams. Sachin has a knack for turning original ideas into profitable businesses. He has had a deep love for tech since his childhood. At the core of every investment, he owns Gogo Capital international to focuses on three main pillars ‍: Superior value proposition & incumbent solution, Visible product-market fit, and Clear token value accrual. 

Sachin Bishnoi’s Strategy

Sachin Bishnoi follows a simple conceptualizing, innovating, and executing strategy to transform innovative ideas into real businesses.


Behind every successful innovation, there is a concept. When conceptualizing an idea, Sachin asks questions as follows:

  • How the idea solves the problem of the consumer?
  • Who is the target market for the idea? And,
  • How will the solution to the problem be delivered to the consumer?

While conceptualizing his business, Sachin directs his attention to the problem that his company could solve, gain insights into consumer needs, and studies the market environment.


The next step is innovating, practically implementing ideas to create new goods and services. Being an innovative thinker, Sachin strives to be proactive in his career and bravely tackles challenges while focusing on solutions instead of problems. Sachin engages in healthy communication with his employees to spark creativity and takes their advice. As a result, in-depth conversations and collaborative efforts achieve short-term and long-term company goals.


The third and final step in Sachin’s fool-proof strategy is the execution of the idea. First, Sachin analyses the capabilities required to take the innovation to the market. With a highly skilled team, he considers the technology and resources needed to be poured into the product. Besides resources, identifying risk is also very important for the innovation to succeed in the market.

Gogo Capital International strives to transform simple ideas into successful businesses. It functions as a DeFiance Capital, one of the most active and recognized Web 3 & Crypto focused investment firms globally, focusing on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and web3 gaming. Sachin Bishnoi founded Gogo capital international to find a capital solution for major companies worldwide while following a simple yet effective strategy: conceptualize, innovate, and execute.

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