FP Transitions, Live Oak Bank & Advisor Circle Champion Sustainability for Wealth Firms

Geared to solve wealth management’s sustainability crisis, industry experts focus sights on arming emerging owners with pathways to independence.

Lake Oswego, OR, July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Promising an experience that serves an inclusive community of up-and-coming advisors, this year’s Advisor Circle’s Future Proof Festival will feature an Advisor Accelerator Lounge, created and hosted by FP Transitions and partner, Live Oak Bank. Improving access to advice, data and resources for today’s emerging founders and next generation owners is at the heart of this initiative. In hosting the event’s inaugural Advisor Accelerator Lounge, the teams hope to spark community, cutting through traditional constraints in the industry, and ignite intentional, transformative growth. 

The triad’s Advisor Accelerator Lounge will offer free, private, onsite consulting services to attending advisors, and feature James Fisher, JD, VP of Mergers and Acquisitions at FP Transitions, Scott Leak, CFP®, Senior Consultant at FP Transitions, James Hughes, SVP of Investment Advisory Lending at Live Oak Bank, and other experts in areas of equity-based transactions, mergers, and organic growth strategies.  

Brad Bueermann, CEO of FP Transitions, emphasized that being a well-versed business owner and financial advisor shouldn’t be reserved to those who have access to private equity or agree to follow a BD playbook. “Anyone with the right attitude and intention can build a flourishing financial practice today, and our goal is to ensure those practices become enduring, sustained businesses that serve all clients well-beyond any one advisor’s career horizon.”  

As part of this initiative, FP Transitions is awarding free Festival passes to ten emerging RIAs looking to establish, grow, or acquire. Interested advisors should complete a brief interest form on the FP Transitions website here. Winners will be notified by Friday, August 5, 2022. 

Accelerator partner and one of the largest originators of small business loans, Live Oak Bank, announced a lending milestone earlier this year, having surpassed one billion dollars lent to investment advisors, with 10% of that business supported in partnership with FP Transitions. Live Oak Bank’s 2021 equity partnership loan activity finally outpaced M&A loans for full buyouts, matching FPT’s March 2022 Market Update which showed more than 50% of their 134 transactions also came from merger and equity transfers.   

“Trillions of dollars in AUM will transfer hands over the next ten years. Additionally, as the many baby boomers reach retirement age, there has never been a greater need for advice. Over the years we have seen many promising young advisors benefit from this natural change in the industry,” shared James Hughes, SVP of Investment Advisory Lending at Live Oak Bank. “Live Oak Bank has lent $1.1 billion in loans across 1,300 different financial advisory firms, primarily for acquisition or internal succession. We know how to source deals, assess a transaction, structure, and close deals. Our experience has put us at the forefront of the industry’s aging advisor demographics. We want to ensure that advisors are positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. Live Oak wants the independent advisor to remain independent by helping their legacy live on by building an executable succession plan.” 

“As the largest expected wealth transfer ever unfolds over the next couple of decades, a significant number of advisors will also be planning and entering their own retirement,” said Matt Middleton, CEO of Advisor Circle, and Co-Creator of Future Proof. “As these two seismic shifts unfold simultaneously, advisors and their firms need clarity, control and confidence that their own succession plans are seamless to minimize client disruption. We’re proud to partner with FP Transitions as they work to help firm leaders build enterprises that are sustainable and future proof.” 


About FP Transitions 

FP Transitions pioneered Succession Planning for financial advisors and continues to fundamentally transform how independent wealth management businesses evolve into sustainable enterprises. Leveraging benchmarking data from thousands of certified business valuations and backed by a team of more than 60 professionals, FP Transitions delivers intelligent insights that enable multi-generational growth. Learn more at www.FPTransitions.com.   


About Live Oak Bank 

Live Oak Bank, a subsidiary of Live Oak Bancshares, Inc. (Nasdaq: LOB), is a digitally focused, FDIC-insured bank serving customers across the country. Live Oak puts a groundbreaking spin on service and technology to redefine banking. Our products help customers buy, build and expand their business, and deposit products help grow their hard-earned money. To learn more, visit www.liveoakbank.com.   


About Advisor Circle 

Advisor Circle is a product and content studio for the financial industry, designing live events, podcasts, online communities, and other connection points for financial professionals looking to learn, grow and adapt to change. The firm was founded in 2020 by Matt Middleton, John Swolfs, and Matt Hougan, who have successful track records of driving some of the most meaningful, well-attended events for the financial advice and ETF industries over the last decade. Follow Advisor Circle on Twitter and LinkedIn

About Future Proof 

Future Proof is a groundbreaking new wealth festival set to bring together the world’s most prominent figures and emerging minds to explore the intersection of money, tech, culture, and impact. The event brings together an entirely new community of financial advisors, institutional investors, asset managers, fintech startups, financial creators, activists, artists, musicians, and other key stakeholders around an unprecedented experience and agenda. Future Proof will provide an unmatched opportunity for conversation and collaboration that will serve as a catalyst in developing the future of wealth. 

The four-day citywide event will be held September 11-14, 2022, in Huntington Beach, California. More than 3,000 attendees including 1,500+ financial advisors and institutional investors, as well as over 150 sponsor companies are expected at the inaugural event. Follow Future Proof on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram


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