Creative Health Care Management Congratulates Two Outstanding Team Members on Published Journal in Nursing Management

These Exceptional Nurses Share Their Thoughts on Improving Health Care Functions

Bloomington, MN, July 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For 40 years now, Creative Health Care Management (CHCM) has been helping partners improve quality, safety, and patient experiences by enhancing nurse-based workplace operations. After all, these professionals play a crucial role in ensuring hospital or clinic success. The results have been astounding, positively impacting financial performance and physician satisfaction.

The team focuses on three core components:

  • Relationship-based care (RBC): This operational framework acts as a culture transformation model. Its goal is to improve every relationship within an organization. Ultimately, it optimizes nurses’ relationships with their patients, colleagues, and themselves.
  • Magnet® preparation services: Contrary to popular belief, the Magnet® Recognition Program does not merely function as an award or badge of honor. Instead, it shows nurses’ commitment and excellence in their fields.
  • Competency assessment: This ongoing process accounts for development, knowledge and skills maintenance, continuous learning, remediation, and redevelopment. Various providers use techniques like performance-based systems, online programs, and competency fairs.

When asked about the achievements of two of their nurses, Marketing and Business Development Executive Officer Aaron Garner replied:

“We are proud of our nurses, Marky Medeiros and Amber Orton, for their newly written journal pieces.

Marky is an expert at aligning people and processes. This skill lets her identify emerging issues and gauge the effectiveness of organizational interventions. With her help, CHCM expects measurable improvement and evidence-based practices for clients. She partners directly with health care providers to design improvement guidelines.

Amber shows a deep understanding of data and keen attention to detail. She has an exceptional background as a clinician and decision-maker within a large team. She is an expert in unlocking the full potential of individuals and departments. When Amber works with health care providers, the institutions benefit from her vision and mentoring.”

About Marky Medeiros, MSN, RN

Marky wrote the journal article Nurse Manager Succession Planning for Unit Health and Well-Being for Nursing Management. In the article, she discusses the dilemmas nurses have faced for years, even before COVID-19 broke out. The pandemic intensified their emotional exhaustion and moral distress, enhancing the need for superb nurse leaders.

One viable solution is to encourage a thriving unit culture. Managers who care about their team’s health and well-being discover how a strong team mutually benefits patients, staff, and investors.

Nursing Manager Succession Planning is a passion for Marky, and she consults with nursing managers worldwide.

About Amber Orton, MBA, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Amber wrote the journal article Successful Strategic Planning for Nursing ManagementShe highlights how various roadblocks can complicate modern work environments. The article also explains how strategic planning can transform any organization. Some institutions have paused their efforts because of the pandemic, but it’s time to move forward with their courses of action.

Strategic planning for three to five years helps team members become more proactive in their work. It’s an effective tool for assessing current situations, envisioning desired goals, and bridging the gap between them.

Engaging Clinical Nurses in Strategic Planning is important to engage and build successful teams, Amber is an expert in engaging clinical nurses.

About Creative Health Care Management

CHCM offers custom solutions for various services, including relationship-based care, shared governance, and Magnet® Recognition Program. The organization has transformed countless health care companies for over 40 years.

Hospitals, leadership teams, and behavioral health centers that need culture transformations rely on CHCM.



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