Stratom launches RAPID system to deliver autonomous refueling, recharging and liquid transfer solutions in complex environments

Stratom is the only U.S. company delivering customized autonomous capabilities that enhance safety and resource optimization when charging, fueling or transferring fluids in crewed and uncrewed logistics and transportation applications

BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stratom, a leading developer of autonomous ground vehicles and robotic systems for logistics and operational applications, today launched RAPID™, its autonomous refueling, recharging and liquid transfer system for rugged environments and a wide variety of applications. 

Leveraging Stratom’s Department of Defense-trusted and proven robotic refueling expertise, the versatile system combines a customized robotic arm, a suite of sensors, different mounting configurations, a fuel line and an end effector with Stratom’s core autonomy software that drives the entire system. With the ability to refuel both autonomous and human-operated systems, RAPID is adaptable to different vehicle types and can be deployed for a variety of applications, from mining, warehouse operations, trucking, aviation and cargo movement to high-volume container refilling and the transport of other materials, including water, other liquids and hazardous wastes.

“Autonomy is transforming how we live, work, learn and entertain ourselves. Trends are increasingly showing that applications of this technology center around autonomous vehicles and the deployment of autonomous fleets,” said Mark Gordon, president and CEO of Stratom. “As the world moves toward an autonomous future, why bring humans back in the loop? At Stratom, we automate monotonous, difficult or dangerous tasks to help keep organizations — and their most valuable asset, their people — operating safely and at peak efficiency.”

The RAPID refueling system can be equipped for various fuel and power sources, including diesel, gas, hydrogen, electric charging ports or a combination of fuel sources. The robotic arm’s reach and payload capabilities are adaptable, and the fuel line can deliver variable flow rates and fuel amounts based on the application. The system is equipped with several safety features and utilizes vision sensing and detection systems to provide industry-leading precision.

The operational benefits of RAPID include:

    • Reduced human exposure to hazardous environments 
    • Improved productivity and efficiency of fuel delivery system
    • Streamlined configurability as a self-sufficient containerized system
    • Ruggedized design for deployment in the most austere environments
    • Increased resilience of operations

“Delivering a completely customized, groundbreaking solution aligned with the evolution of autonomous vehicles empowers Stratom to partner with innovative companies across industries to continue to solve the most pressing real-world operational challenges,” said Ryan DelGizzi, Stratom’s director of engineering. “With RAPID, crewed and uncrewed transportation and logistics operations decision-makers can significantly increase project flexibility and cost-efficiency while simultaneously solving productivity and safety challenges related to conveying significant amounts of liquid or fueling or recharging autonomous systems, vehicles, aircraft and other platforms.”

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About Stratom
Stratom is a global leader in the development of autonomous ground vehicles and robotic systems that solve the most pressing real-world logistics and operational challenges for commercial and defense applications. Specializing in autonomous cargo movement, robotic refueling, robotic hazardous liquid transfer and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), the company’s military-proven tools, methods, technologies and strategic services solve the most difficult logistics and operational challenges. Whether in safe, controlled settings or dynamic and challenging terrain, Stratom provides unique solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. With its extensive expertise in R&D, engineering and system integration of autonomous technologies and solutions, Stratom, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, is the go-to expert for global corporations, local businesses and government institutions. To learn more, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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