The Moxie Exchange’s groundbreaking DEI app ups the game in data collection, globalization, and accessibility

Moxie releases V3 of the Everyday Inclusion app for improved meta trend tracking and UX

Boulder, Aug. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In its quest to track emerging DEI trends and create more diverse and inclusive workplaces The Moxie Exchange is announcing the release of added data insights, accessibility, globalization, and enterprise functionality in its DEI app, Everyday Inclusion. 

Brian Jacobson, Chief Digital Officer for The Moxie Exchange said, “The core of this new release was built to improve data insights and UX. Everyday Inclusion already tracks DEI trend data that no other organization is collecting, and version 3 adds a compelling new layer of data collection, improved accessibility features and localization support for our global enterprise clients.” 

The app, used globally by thousands of employees across a wide spectrum of industries puts the business of belonging in the hands of every employee and gives leaders ongoing employee driven DEI data insights to create inclusive workplace cultures.  

"V3 is the result of strong client partnerships, actively listening to our users and remaining laser focused on providing a tool that delivers everyday actions we all can implement to create positive, inclusive impact," said Andrea DiMatteo, Head of Client Success for The Moxie Exchange. 

Everyday Inclusion delivers daily inclusion nudges, pulse surveys, resources and tools directly to employee’s devices. Employers get real-time data that allows them to scale best practices, get ahead of retention issues and create a workplace where everyone feels they belong and can thrive. 

About The Moxie Exchange 

Moxie develops solutions that support inclusive values, create daily behavior change and embed inclusion in corporate culture. The Moxie product suite covers the lifecycle of diversity and inclusion from recruiting to daily interactions, designed and delivered for everyone from executive leadership to the newest hire. Everyday Inclusion’s people-powered predictive data takes the guesswork out of what D&I resources are needed. Several chief diversity officers have called Everyday Inclusion “the future of D&I.” 



Everyday Inclusion App -  Version 3 Updated Data Dashboards

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