Verfacto Lets Businesses Profile Website Visitors in Real-time

Zug, Aug. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Verfacto, a leading marketing analytics platform, has released a new feature called ‘real-time customer profiler’. The feature is designed to enrich the website visitor’s profile with additional attributes, and allows user identification before log in.

The ability to separate visitors from customers is a powerful tool, but when employed in tandem with its advanced attributes it significantly increases the user’s PPC strengths, along with enhancing on-site and email marketing efforts.

Regardless of size, the tool works equally efficiently with small, medium, and large business models. From a small company looking to start strong from the outset, or an enterprise seeking to optimize their processes the feature offers benefits for all users.

According to Slava Ruckis, Verfacto’s CPO (Chief Product Officer) “There are many tools in the market for website analytics, but not many are aiming to give actionable insights or even knowledge of their customers’ journey. aims to fix exactly that. We offer to identify user touchpoints and act on them accordingly. There is profit hiding under your data, you just need to uncover it.“

As a rapidly growing company, Verfacto’s goal is to generalize analytics; meaning the user can spend more time improving marketing campaigns rather than digging through mounds of data searching for what can or should be improved. Their main areas being tackled by the platform are as follows:

– Understanding the customer journey;

– Identifying customer interest profile;

– Introducing additional attributes (recency, frequency, lifetime value, etc)

– GDPR compliant cookieless tracking

Visitor data collection becomes an extremely important topic, as Google Analytics is soon to be terminated and businesses have to look for new data solutions. Finding a new way to take care of your data will be a must, but it can also reveal and unlock hidden potential.



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