New Survey Finds That Most Members are Trying Sugar Dating for the First Time Along with Other Interesting Statistics about the Community

Miami Beach, FL, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- recently surveyed 18,143 of its members about their attitudes, opinions and history regarding sugar dating. has compiled the results and highlighted the unique and sometimes surprising opinions of this community.

Most members are trying sugar dating for the very first time.

When asked about how long they had been sugar dating, 63% of the women surveyed and 44% of the men said they were trying it for the first time. People are searching for untraditional dating lifestyles and sugar dating offers women the chance to be spoiled by their partner and men the chance to shower their date with gifts and attention.

While 91% of the women surveyed said they do not have a sugar daddy at the moment, 6% currently have one sugar daddy, 2% said they have more than one sugar daddy and 1% said they have more than 3 sugar daddies. In contrast 23% of the men surveyed said they currently have one or more sugar babies.

The majority of members have no problem with friends and family knowing about their sugar daddy relationship.

Contrary to popular belief that people keep their sugar dating lifestyle a secret, only 32% of women and 26% of men surveyed said that they would hide their sugar relations from friends and family. 

About half of the men and more than half of the women on have never had sex on the first date.

When looking at modern dating, the stereotype is that everyone is having sex on the first date. But when surveyed, 55% of the women and 46% of the men surveyed said they have never had sex on the first date.

Men have juggled multiple partners five times more often than women have.

14% of women admit to having juggled more than one sugar daddy at a time where the men did not know about each other.  When the same questions was asked to the men, 67% of them said they have juggled more than one sugar baby at a time where the women did not know about each other.

70% of men and 55% of women would forgive a partner for cheating.

A surprising 55% of women said they would forgive a man for cheating if he promised it would never happen again. But even more shocking was that men were far more forgiving of cheating with 70% of the men saying they would forgive a woman for cheating if she promised it would never happen again.

Very few prospective sugar daddies lie about their age.

There is a misconception that the majority of men and women lie about their ages on dating profiles, but when asked, only 7% of the women and 16% of the men surveyed say they have lied about their age on their online dating profile.

The vast majority of members are willing to overlook a partner being a terrible kisser.

While many might think being a good kisser is important to a relationship, 74% of women and 89% of men said they definitely or possibly would keep dating their partner who was a terrible kisser if everything else about them was great

The marital status of a potential partner is not a big concern for sugar daters.

Surprisingly the women surveyed found a man’s location, followed by income and looks to be much more important to them than the man’s age or marital status. In fact, a man’s location and income were roughly twice as important as his marital status to the women surveyed.

When asked the same question, men found looks to be the most important followed by location and age. But both sexes had one thing very much in common, as the marital status of a woman was of minor importance to the men surveyed just as the man’s marital status was of little importance to the women surveyed.

Many members are willing to relocate to a different city or even a different country and make other major changes in their lives for the right sugar relationship

Of the women surveyed, 32% said they would move to a new city or even a new country for their sugar daddy. And 41% said they would change their appearance or annoying habits to please their sugar daddy.

When asked what they would change, 31% of the men said they would change annoying habits to please their sugar baby, which was by far the top answer among the men, followed by 20% who said they would move to a new city or country and 12% who would change their physical appearance.

Biggest relationship killers are men being too aggressive or controlling and women being dishonest.

When asked what would cause them to end a relationship with a sugar daddy, 39% of the women said a sugar daddy being aggressive or controlling would cause them to end the relationship and being cheap with money or dishonest were the next two top relationship killers at just 16% each.

For men the top relationship killer by far was dishonesty at 41% with jealousy far behind in second place at just 12% and too obsessed with money in third place at only 10%.


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