Amfeltec Releases New MiniPCI Express Production Testing Backplane

MARKHAM, Ontario, Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amfeltec Corporation announced today the new addition to its Test Backplane product line: the MiniPCI Express Gen 2 Test Backplane for MiniPCI Express boards testing is in full production.

MiniPCI Express boards have become very popular on the market, but production testing remains problematic – at the very least, not exactly efficient. Traditional tools & methods have various downsides, but of course we all realize the requirement to do production testing is not going away. It is all the more important to have a solid & effective platform for this use case.

“Our new MiniPCIe Test Board was designed to support a variety of MiniPCIe modules,” says Michael Feldman, President and CTO at Amfeltec Corp. “It is an addition to our Amfeltec Test Backplane Family, which already facilitates testing of boards with various interfaces: PCI, PCI Express, MiniPCI, ExpressCard, or even a mix of interfaces on a single test backplane. All of these tools allow the engineer to minimize the testing time while keeping the host computer safe!”

The test backplane is powered by a standard 12V power supply. The connection to the host computer is via a standard 5ft or 10ft CAT7 cable, using a PCIe, MiniPCIe or ExpressCard® host board.


  • 7 MiniPCIe slots (x1 PCI Express Gen 2 interface).
  • Slot-specific power control (ON/OFF) done from host computer via RS232 interface or right on the backplane.
  • Replacement UUT (MiniPCIe add-in board) without powering down host computer to reduce testing cycle time.
  • Slot-specific overcurrent and overvoltage protection eliminates risk of damage to the UUT, test backplane or host computer (during production testing, UUT on-board component programming or UUT debugging).

The Test Backplane is available in three versions:

  • SKU-017-01 (with x1 PCIe host board).
  • SKU-017-02 (with MiniPCIe host board).
  • SKU-017-03 (with ExpressCard® host board).

For additional information please visit the product line page:

About Amfeltec Corporation:
Amfeltec is a Canadian electronics engineering company, incorporated since 2005. All Amfeltec products are designed and manufactured in Canada, and most are covered by one or more United States patents. Notable Amfeltec product families include Squid Carrier Board(TM), Piranha USB telecom Adapter(TM), Arowana PCIe SSD Board(TM), and AngelShark Carrier Board(TM).


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