Vālenz® Announces Acquisition of Certus Management Group and Launch of Medical Stop Loss Insurance Solution

Phoenix, Arizona, UNITED STATES

PHOENIX, Ariz., Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vālenz® announced today it has acquired Certus Management Group Stop Loss, Inc. (CMG), a managing general underwriter providing certainty of stop loss protection to self-funded employee benefit plans since 1998.

CMG will become a Valenz Affinity Company and part of the Valenz Healthcare Ecosystem Optimization Platform, a fully integrated suite of solutions that simplifies the complexities of self-insurance through data transparency and decision enablement throughout the life of a claim. Additionally, the acquisition creates a new private label medical stop loss insurance solution, launching in market as a Valenz V-Rated solution. This solution enables the more efficient delivery of medical underwriting and risk mitigation services tailored to the needs of Valenz clients. All other CMG underwriting services will continue to be offered under the CMG trade name.

The Valenz V-Rated solution is an additive benefit for self-insured employers who engage with Valenz for a full ecosystem solution, including care management, member navigation enhanced with Care Value Optimizer (charity care and centers of excellence bundles), specialty drug solutions, contracted and open access success networks, and high-cost claim cost containment programs. When partnering with Valenz during the presale process, clients realize the full value of the ecosystem which allows them to contain medical costs more aggressively than less innovative offerings, while also potentially resulting in more competitive stop loss costs.

“We’re thrilled to welcome CMG to the Valenz family,” said Rob Gelb, Chief Executive Officer of Valenz. “Our companies are a great match for each other in their commitment to transparency, risk management, and financial protection from high-cost claims and escalating pharmaceutical and treatment costs. As Valenz continues to evolve and expand, we are excited to begin this new collaboration in delivering on our core promise: engaging early and often for smarter, better, faster healthcare.”

CMG will retain its trade name and adopt a new tagline: “A Valenz Affinity Company,” with a slightly updated logo to facilitate a more rapid association with Valenz. The core team of 18 will continue to remotely support CMG-integrated products and services at its current headquarters in Indianapolis.

“CMG and Valenz share a deep commitment to financial assurance for the self-insured industry, while also advocating for plan members and ensuring high-quality, cost-effective care,” said Brad Lewis, President and Chief Executive Officer of CMG. “As we join the Valenz team, we look forward to protecting and serving our clients as an integral part of their innovative, data-driven ecosystem.”

CMG’s line of stop loss products limits liability and eliminates the pitfalls that many employers view as obstacles to self-funding. It offers plan design and risk analysis, stop loss underwriting, firm renewals, and a guaranteed “no laser” contract for groups of all sizes – for plans of 11 participating employees and larger with specific retention levels from $10,000. CMG’s claim procedures also protect self-funded employers from cash flow issues that can result from unpredictable claim activity.

About Valenz

Vālenz® simplifies the complexities of self-insurance by offering an end-to-end Healthcare Ecosystem Optimization Platform that manages the cost and quality of care for employers and their members. To balance the relationship between healthcare quality, advocacy and cost, the Valenz enterprise-level solution suite aligns the member, provider and payer. Supported by a dynamic, innovation-first culture and a steadfast commitment to data transparency and decision enablement, Valenz leverages its technology infrastructure and enterprise data warehouse to drive value across clinical and member advocacy, network development and the validation, integrity and accuracy (VIA) of claims.  Learn more about how Valenz engages early and often for smarter, better, faster healthcare. Valenz is backed by Great Point Partners.

About CMG

Certus Management Group has developed a line of stop loss products that limit the liability of a self-funded employer and eliminate the pitfalls that many employers view as obstacles of self-funding.  With more than 350 years of combined experience in the stop loss business, the CMG staff is among the most qualified in the industry. This experience enables CMG to provide employers with stop loss solutions that bring certainty to their self-funded plan. CMG maintains a strong relationship with two carrier partners, SiriusPoint America Insurance Company (Rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best), and Gerber Life Insurance Company (Rated A (Excellent) by A. M. Best). Each carrier shares CMG’s vision of the stop loss marketplace and offers the stability of a well-established insurance company.

Learn more at certusmg.com.


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