Big Data critical to meet net-zero commitments, says United Renewables CEO Chris Caldwell

Big Data and AI could be the key to unravelling the numbers that will move us to NET ZERO.

DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, Aug. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an article titled - ‘Good intentions are no longer enough. Welcome to the era of big data for climate’ - Chris Caldwell unpacked his view that big data and AI are essential for the world’s efforts to reach net-zero carbon emissions.

Caldwell, a cleantech entrepreneur, and President Emeritus of the London Business School Alumni Energy Club, has over a decade’s experience building and managing energy projects across wind, solar and hydro. Financial and carbon accounting and infrastructure (employing a range of technologies) have long been central to his interests and professional experience – from clean energy to his previous work a Director of Corporate Finance for a variety of banks. Caldwell also presents Conversations on Climate, a podcast which invites leading business experts to discuss key topics in the climate change space. For this article, he drew on his experience discussing the topic of Big Data with Ramez Nasser of Energisme S.A., on an episode that can be found here.

Today’s article evaluates the place of next-generation data technologies in carbon accounting, including:

  • Why measuring scope 3 emissions will dominate the future of carbon tracking
  • How internet-of-things tech and big data will allow the private sector to trace carbon across the full business value chain
  • Why AI will be a necessity to cope with the volume of environmental data this will produce
  • The importance of solving issues of privacy and digital technology’s own footprint

United Renewables is a full-cycle clean energy developer, with over 40 deployed renewable energy projects managed from land acquisition and licensing through to construction and aftercare. United Renewables have sophisticated in-house technology talent across a range of cleantech functions, and tracking energy and carbon is just one of these. In collaboration with the London Business School, the company also produces Conversations on Climate, which invites industry experts to contribute their expertise to the climate change discussion, across topics ranging from climate communication and judgement to big data, internet-of-things technology and corporate government relations for climate negotiation.

Conversations on Climate invites leading academics and business leaders to offer their expertise to bring a new angle to the climate change debate. Previous guests include Professor Jacobides, Sir Andrew Likierman, Kritika Kumar, Paul Beijer, and Professor Jean-Pierre Benoît

The latest episode, featuring Professor Jean-Pierre Benoît, was released on 12th August 2022. The full video and all previous episodes can be found here.

For more information and contact details for Conversations on Climate or United Renewables go here.

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