Tony Remington, CEO and Co-founder of the Fastest-growing Company in the Greater Cincinnati Area, Wins 2022 C-Suite Awards

Covington, Kentucky, Aug. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tony Remington, CEO and Co-founder of Gravity Diagnostics, a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory based in Covington, Kentucky, has won the 2022 C-suite Awards presented by the Cincinnati Business Courier. Remington was the winner in the Chief Executive Officer category in the Greater Cincinnati area.  

In just a few short years, Remington and Gravity Co-founder, Julie Brazil, built the laboratory into a highly influential company in the greater Cincinnati area and in this region’s life sciences industry. The laboratory has gone on to test over 4 million COVID-19 samples during the pandemic, open over thirty testing sites across two states, hired over 400 people and been named the fastest-growing company in the area while seeing record revenue growth. His leadership allowed the company to handle this astronomical growth and the myriad challenges that came with it. 

Remington’s instincts on the medical laboratory business and related industry developments have repeatedly put Gravity Diagnostics in an optimal position to succeed and grow. As a Co-founder and CEO, his work has impacted every aspect of the company’s results. His passion for the power of innovative healthcare resulted in the recent creation of Gravity+, a new healthcare technology company that focuses on the consumer market so that individuals can take more control over their own healthcare.   

“Tony has done all the things one expects and more out of a C-suite leader. Having the boldness and courage to take calculated risks when needed, cultivating a strong company culture that clients appreciate and employees value, establishing a clear vision to keep the company on track, and delivering high shareholder value and return all while building a strong management team that is capable of taking the company to the next level, are a few of the things that make Tony a tremendous leader,” said Julie Brazil, COO and Co-founder of Gravity Diagnostics.  

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Tony Remington wins 2022 C-Suite Award

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