Numbers Search Engine – Bring Transparency and Trust Back to the NFT Space After Disreputable Year

Taipei, Taiwan, Aug. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With a seemingly endless stream of text, audio, video and graphical output, digital media makes up the sights and sounds of our modern web.  At the core of it all, this vast digital ecosystem requires talented creators to support and deliver robust experiences for users.   Many creators have opted to monetize their work on third party platforms, but end up forfeiting the lion’s share of their photo sale profits as well as exclusivity rights.  The decentralized ecosystem of Web 3.0, specifically the NFT space, appeared to have a promising solution by opening the doorway for independent monetization and ownership rights for creators. However, the lack of transparent records and general misunderstandings of NFTs and the protections they impart have dampened the momentum of this promising technology.  At this crossroads for digital media in the Web 3.0 space, Numbers Protocol offers a long overdue solution to streamline and legitimize how digital media and NFTs are bought, sold and distributed.

The Need for Discoverability, Credibility and Protection:

In an effort to promote widespread usage, NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea initially used open-minting policies to capitalize on the early NFT craze.  Though NFT marketplaces had largely succeeded in this regard, the resulting overload of digital creations left many NFTs untouched and undiscovered.  To further exacerbate the issue, the lack of transparent metadata tracking has resulted in the widespread proliferation of copies and counterfeit items. There is a common misconception that NFTs impart copyright.  However, this could not be further from reality.  In recent events, this key misunderstanding has led to a slew of violations and lawsuits, such as Miramax suing Quentin Tarantino over Pulp Fiction NFTs or the countless NFTs minted from stolen art.  Understandably, this has left both creators and individual users feeling confused and cheated by this promising technology.  Overall, the lack of discoverability, credibility and protection are essential roadblocks that arrest the legitimacy and mainstream adoption of the Web 3.0 digital media.

What is the Numbers Search Engine?

With coverage extending over 30 different NFT marketplaces and 40 million assets, Numbers Search Engine establishes itself as the most comprehensive explorer for digital media in the Web 3.0 space.

Numbers Founder and CEO Bofu Chen notes:“Our team is proud of the improvements we’ve made to the Numbers Search Engine which allows our users to make informed decisions as they collect and manage their digital media and NFT collections.”

Since the official launch, the types of searches that are supported have been expanded to include Content ID (CID), reverse image, contract + token and keyword searches.  Query results have also been broadened to include similar images, providing users with more robust search experiences and increasing the reach and discoverability of related digital assets. Each searched asset includes an associated Asset Profile which details comprehensive attribution records such as blockchain / token records, integrity records, NFT properties and licensing.  If NFTs are minted with Numbers Protocol, users can buy and collect them directly from their Asset Profile. Alternatively, each Asset Profile can also be directly linked back to the marketplace on which they are being sold.

Looking Towards the Future

Building on the fervor of their official launch, Numbers gains momentum by offering users a suite of tools to showcase, buy and sell their digital creations.  However, through it all, Numbers remains faithful to its mission of building a transparent and easy-to-discover decentralized photo network.  To combat the opaque and attributeless nature of online content, it is more important than ever to adamantly pursue values of transparency, trust and community in digital media.


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