SPORTZCHAIN is bringing the world’s first Engage to Earn (E2E) platform for sports fans and is gearing up for its IDO / IEO in August 2022

Adopting the Engage2Earn model in the world of sports for the first time, Sportzchain has set its eyes on transforming fan engagement

Singapore, Aug. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world has seen and played NFT games based on the Play-2-Earn model. But when we shift our focus to sports, the fanatics never had an opportunity to monetize their everyday fan engagement activity. Just rewind and see you conversed with like-minded fans on social media platforms, you gave your opinions on Twitter to your favourite team, you spend money and time watching your favourite game but what you got in return — Just Entertainment, right?

We have built an ENGAGE-2-EARN ecosystem which is poised to transform how fans consume sports. Through our pioneered Engage-2-Earn model, fans and users like you will turn your everyday engagement with your favourite sports and teams into a rewarding experience and connect with like-minded sports fanatics. Sportzchain’s (, engage-to-earn (E2E) ecosystem will be powered by $SPN (native asset of Sportzchain) and will encompass products such as sports tokens (fan token 2.0), watch 2 earn, fan commerce, gamefi and more. Sportzchain’s mission is to tokenize the membership programs of sporting teams and convert passive fans to “invested fans”.

To summarize, whatever users/fans do on the Sportzchain platform and interact & engage with like-minded fans will be rewarded with our off-chain tokens (RWRD) that can be then redeemed for SPN, fan tokens discounted merchandise and more.

$SPN is the native token which will power the entire ecosystem and has a total finite supply of 10,000,000,000. Sportzchain plans to burn around 1-5% of total non-circulated supply during first two quarter of TGE. Further, they have a buyback and burn program where for the first 30 days from TGE, they will buy $1000 worth of SPN and will burn the same, reducing the circulating supply in the market.

Sportzchain has successfully closed more than USD 800,000 in pre-seed, seed, and private funding rounds. The project is strongly backed by renowned investors - DARQ Capital, SUNiCON Ventures, Shisan Investments, Polygon (grant), Crypto Camel and many more. Additionally, Certik is our audit partner and they already have 5+ sporting team partners giving access to 800K fans in Asia.

The first three rounds of $SPN were private and have already been closed. The very first round saw the token being launched at the price of $0.0006. By the second round, the price had been increased to $0.0012 — a meteoric rise of 100%. By the third and final private round, the price of $SPN was at $0.0020.

Post successful closure of the private rounds; $SPN will now be going public and is scheduled to launch on various renowned IDO and IEO launchpads such as Metalaunch, GenShards, P2PB2B, Kommunitas Gagarin, Bitrue, and many others in the month of August 2022. Those who were unable to participate in the first 3 rounds, now have a chance to buy $SPN at an attractive price of $0.0024 before it lists on CEX at a tentative first ticker price of $0.004.

Sportzchain project has a sound and experienced team and has a core advisory board which comprises of Mr. Ajeet Khurana (Ex-CXO of Zebpay and Head of Blockchain & Crypto Committee (India)), Mr. Kartik Garg (Existing investor in Animoca, Chingari, Polygon and 20+ startups), Mr. Shreyas Kutty (Head of Guilds with Near Protocol), Mr. Suhail Chandok (Star Sports TV Presenter, Analyst & Commentator).

Lastly, Sportzchain is few crypto projects that has already launched their alpha webDapp  ( and now will be launching their $SPN token. There were the first in Asia to do a binding poll where fans were able to influence team decision including jersey design and cricket match fixtures)

Below is the detailed IDO/IEO Calendar (

Pre-IDO15th August 2022 to 20th August 2022
IDO Round 1&220th August 2022 to 30th August 2022
IEO (Exchange)September 2022

It’s a great time to be a part of the sporting revolution, so head to to find out their IDO/IEO details and grab $SPN early.

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