UpCity Survey Results: 42% Of Tech Workers Were Semi-Surprised By 2022 Layoffs

With inflation and recession fears spooking the leadership of many organizations, UpCity contributors offered insight into warning signs one should look out for and how best to navigate the other side of a layoff

CHICAGO, Aug. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With recession fears continuing to be invoked in business owners and consumers alike, UpCity has announced the results of a survey to look at potential reasons these positions were eliminated, how they’ve responded in the time since, and where they are currently in their job search.

The Tech Layoffs in 2022 Survey gathers insight from 600 tech professionals throughout the United States to take a deeper look at organizational layoffs, job searches, and next steps.

Statistical highlights include:

  • 42% of tech workers recently laid off worked in hybrid roles.
  • 47% of respondents noted that the lay-off was announced to them in person and 55% said that they were told privately.
  • A majority of laid-off tech workers worked at an organization with 51-150 employees and 44% of employees were laid off from an IT service-related role.
  • 43% of respondents said that they were somewhat surprised by their layoff, while 14% said that their organization announced the possibility of layoffs prior.
  • 25% of tech workers noted that they started job searching immediately after their layoff.

Heidi Sullivan, SVP of Product & Marketing at UpCity, says that she hopes this latest study will help provide those who have been laid off recently with the solace they’re not alone.

“For some, a layoff can be a life-changing push in the right direction to finally take that leap, and pursue another avenue they’ve always considered, while for others it can be a financially challenging undertaking requiring an immediate path back into the workforce,” Sullivan said. “We hope this provides some strategies that help others find their footing and successfully find the next opportunity.”

“If you’re a tech worker and you’re wondering if your firm finds itself in the unfortunate position of contemplating a layoff, we hope this survey offers the necessary insight to prepare for what’s to come,” Sullivan continued. “No matter your position in a layoff, it’s not easy, and we here at UpCity don’t want you to feel as if you have to navigate this journey alone.”

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