COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, Aug. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation (Catalyst Campus) will be the first open-access 100 Gig network location in the state of Colorado, creating a key differentiator for its enterprise community.  Underline started construction on an open-access, full fiber network in October 2021 and is now providing connectivity and technology services to the Catalyst Campus in Colorado Springs. 

By joining the Underline network, Catalyst Campus will benefit from more than just ultra-fast fiber internet service with Enterprise Grade Dedicated Internet Access. As a key piece of its resilient infrastructure strategy, Catalyst Campus offers a high speed, secure, encapsulated network to its campus partners by interconnecting nine buildings on its Colorado Springs campus, with plans to connect the other campuses in the future.

Catalyst Campus and its partners will enjoy connections isolated from the public internet through access to Underline’s unique network architecture and technology stack, helping to ensure the secure transmission of sensitive information and to narrow cybersecurity threats. 

“Catalyst Campus is a technology leader and we provide solutions for our partners to be the best-in-class collaboration and innovation ecosystem. Underline will be a critical, long-term partner as we undertake this important and valuable mission. I am pleased that we are the first location in Colorado to be able to offer a 100 Gig network and continue to look for opportunities to provide cutting-edge solutions to our campus partners.” – Kevin O’Neil, Founder of Catalyst Campus

“Continuing to provide the highest level of technology capacity, such as a fast and secure internet connection will help our region with attraction and retention efforts – especially in the aerospace and defense sector. Companies that need highly technical workers, including those that work with Catalyst Campus partners will benefit, and there will be an economic impact for our region.” Johnna Reeder Kleymeyer, President and CEO of the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC  

Earlier this year, UCCS, NCC, and Space ISAC became clients to whom Underline provided both fiber connectivity and technology solutions. Underline is a Founding Partner at the UCCS Kevin W. O'Neil Cybersecurity Education & Research Center and Space ISAC.

Catalyst Campus is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, with additional locations in Ogden, Utah and College Park, Maryland. Catalyst is a mission-focused collaboration and innovation ecosystem for private industry, academia/non-profit, government, and allies.


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